7 Best Aluminium Ping Pong Tables – Review Top Picks for Sale

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Need a sturdy aluminum ping pong table that'll last through the years? We found 12 options with features like rust resistance for all weather, locking wheels for safety and UV deflection for long summer afternoons of game time.

aluminium ping pong table options

Find the right match for your needs below...

Best Aluminum Ping Pong Tables

This is a great outdoor ping pong table that has been designed specifically to stand up to bad weather without any signs of damage and without the gameplay suffering. It folds easily into a compact storage position, and since the legs self open, it’s fast and simple to set it up for a great game of ping pong.


  • It is mostly preassembled when shipped, which means that assembly only takes 10 minutes and can be completed quickly

  • The top is an aluminum composite and is designed for excellent play and bounce


  • There are some reports that the locking mechanism on the side of the table can fail, allowing the table to fall during storage

  • Some users have reported that it is very difficult to correctly line up the two halves of the table

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Thanks to the adjustable leg levelers, players never need to worry about where they want to set up this ping pong table, as it’s easy to create a level surface anywhere. Additionally, this table features anti-tilt locking devices to ensure safety when the table is upright and in a storage position and to prevent it from falling open.


  • The rust-resistant metal is powder coated to ensure that it withstands rain and other bad weather without damage

  • Each half of the table has four-wheel trolley systems, ensuring that it is easy to move the table to and from storage


  • Some users have reported that the casters are not very durable and can easily break

  • There are some reports of the top not being securely attached to the frame and separating easily

This full size ping pong table has a durable 6 mm aluminum plastic composite top that provides a lot of life and bounce to balls during play. The surface won’t chip when left outside, and all the net is weatherproof so that it won’t mold or become discolored, even in foul weather or hot sun, which keeps the table looking great for years.


  • Bright green accents on the table make it look flashy and attract attention

  • Legs are attached with only eight bolts, making assembly incredibly fast and easy for a person to complete on their own


  • Some users have reported that the table shipped with broken parts

  • There are some reports that the corners of the table will bend easily, making play impossible

This is a great outdoor ping pong table for anyone who loves to compete, no matter if they have someone to practice with regularly or spend a lot of time playing on their own. With fast assembly and the ability to easily move the table into storage, this is a great option for any ping pong lover who wants to play games on their own time.


  • Solo play is possible and easy as one side of the table can easily fold up and be locked into position

  • The aluminum composite top will withstand all weather without showing any signs of damage


  • There are some reports of the two folding halves not sitting correctly during games

  • Some users have reported that the painting on the top of the table is a little messy

When ping pong lovers buy this accessory bundle and ping pong table they will receive not only a great table, but also two six-packs of ping pong balls, outdoor paddles, a cover, and the net. This means that new ping pong players can easily start playing right away without having to shop for a lot of additional equipment. This also prevents worrying about the quality of ping pong equipment that a user buys.


  • The safety fold is designed to prevent users from pinching their fingers

  • Aluminum apron helps to stop the table surface from warping when left out in bad weather


  • Some users have reported that the table breaks easily after a few months of use

  • There are some reports of the legs falling off of the table, even when assembled correctly

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Hathaway Games Contender Playback Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Designed for outdoor use, this ping pong table can withstand rain, sun, and even major temperature fluctuations without showing any signs of damage. The reinforcing beams in the steel frame provide plenty of stability and prevent the table from rocking or shifting during play. Additionally, the rubber wheels make moving the table fast and easy, even for more petite players to manage on their own.


  • The durable corner protectors ensure that the corners of this ping pong table aren’t damaged

  • Anti-glare surface allows for play, even in the hot sun


  • There are some reports of the ball making loud sounds when it connects with the table

  • Some users have reported that the two sides of the table don’t connect correctly, making gameplay difficult

Playcraft Extera Playback Outdoor Table Tennis Table

With a UV resistant top, this ping pong table is great for use in very sunny locations and can withstand being in the sun for long periods of time without damage. Additionally, the top is coated with an anti-glare substance, which helps to protect the eyes of people playing. Finally, the steel frame and aluminum top are designed to withstand crazy games without showing signs of wear.


  • Durable casters are designed to provide easy movement when table is folded

  • The 6 mm top is designed to offer bounce without adding too much weight to the table


  • Some users have reported frustration that the included cover only fits when the table is in a storage position

  • There are some reports of the included accessories not being very high quality

What to Consider When Buying an Aluminum Ping Pong Table

Indoor or Outdoor Usage

This isn't something many people think about, but Ping Pong tables don't have to go only in your house. Just like a tennis court, you can put them outside. (Unlike a tennis court, though, it's much easier to find room for a Ping Pong table!)

Of course, that doesn't mean you have to put your table outside. But aluminum tables are especially good for the outdoors because they're resistant to water and harsh weather.

That doesn't mean that every single aluminum table you see is suitable for outside, though, so make sure you look at the description carefully if you'd like an outdoor table.

Visual Design

Aluminum is a versatile material. It can fit in with a number of looks, whether there's a color or specific shape you like.

For that reason, there's nothing wrong with thinking about if the appearance of a table matters to you. This could be especially important if you there's a certain decorating scheme you've followed at home, and you want other furniture to fit in.

Extra Accessories

Another thing many people who've never played Ping Pong don't know is that the table doesn't necessarily come with everything you need to play the game. The net, paddles, and balls are all components that can come separately from the table.

So if you're looking to play as soon as the table shows up, you may want to either make sure you have the accessories already or that your table comes with them. Some tables do, in fact, include everything you need to play right from the start.


If you're going to need to move your table around your home, portability is the next thing you should look at.

There are tons of tables out there that are designed to fold in half. (We've even made a list of the best ones.) Tables that can fold like this are perfect for moving or storing, because you can fold them into a more manageable size.

Other tables have design elements like wheels or handles to make transporting them simple. You can read more about our favorite portable Ping Pong tables here.​​​​

Wrap Up

There’s something classic about blue Ping Pong tables. The cool coloration makes them look relaxing and almost like a swimming pool. 

It’s also a very popular color for tables. Because of this, you can find blue tables with all kinds of designs and accessories. No matter what you’re looking for, whether it’s a portable table, a folding one, or one that’s kid-friendly, you can find a blue Ping Pong table that meets your requirements.

Out of all the ones on this list, the one we’d pick is the JOOLA Nova Outdoor Table Tennis Table. It’s a fantastic example of an outdoor table, with its rust-resistant surface and its wheels. You can comfortably move it around wherever you need outside.

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