10 Best Foldable Ping Pong Tables – Review Our Top Picks for Sale

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Turn any room into a game room with a folding ping pong table. Whether you need an easy clean-up option for the kids or a professional game table that collapses to the size of a briefcase, there's something for everyone in our selection. 

best foldable ping pong table options

Check out our picks below...

Best Foldable Ping Pong Tables

STIGA Advantage Competition-Ready Indoor Table Tennis Tables 95% Preassembled Out of the Box with Easy Attach and Remove Net - Multiple Styles Available

This is a great ping pong table for anyone who wants to play but isn’t sure of what type of accessories to use as it ships with a high-quality tournament grade net and post set, ensuring that the net doesn’t sag or fall over during games. The thick playing surface offers great bounce and is sturdy and stable.


  • It is incredibly easy not only to assemble but also to fold for storage.

  • Lockable casters make it easy to move the table out of the way when it is not in use.


  • There are some reports of bubbles in the paint on the playing surface, which can affect bounce.

  • Some users have reported that the corners chip and split easily.

JOOLA Inside - Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table with Quick Clamp Ping Pong Net and Post Set - 10 Minute Easy Assembly - Ping Pong Table with Single Player Playback Mode

Since the table has steel legs, there is very little risk of the table being bumped or shifting during play. Additionally, the legs all have height adjusters to make it as easy as possible to make an adjustment necessary to ensure a flat and level playing surface. With locking devices to prevent tilting, this quality table is built to last.


  • This table is very easy to assemble and assembly can be completed by one adult.

  • It offers tournament-quality play in the comfort of your own home.


  • Some users have reported that it is very difficult to get the net taut.

  • There are some reports of the screws being stripped and the table not staying together.


Butterfly Junior Stationary Ping Pong Table - 3/4 Size Table Tennis Table - Space Saver Game Table for Game Room - Regulation Height Ping Pong Table - Sturdy Frame - Ships Assembled with Net


This smaller foldable ping pong table is a great option for anyone who loves ping pong but simply doesn’t have the room in his or her home for a full-size option. It has a smooth and level playing surface, which is important for the best possible gameplay, and ships with a clip net set to ensure a taut net every time.


  • It ships fully assembled and the legs unfold easily to set up the table.

  • 3/4 size is perfect for children to play on and won’t take up as much space in a home.


  • There are some reports of the table shipping already damaged.

  • Some users have reported that the corners of the table aren’t durable and will easily break.

STIGA XTR Professional Table Tennis Tables – All Weather Aluminum Waterproof Indoor / Outdoor Design with Net & Post - 10 Minute Easy Assembly Ping-Pong Table with Compact Storage

The self-opening legs on this ping pong table make it incredibly easy for users to set it up and to take it down. The 1.25” steel legs are very sturdy and durable and ensure that the table won’t become damaged during play or storage. Thanks to the lockable wheels, the table won’t move or shift position during play.


  • It is great for use outside or in the garage and won’t be affected by humidity or bad weather.

  • Aluminum composite top is designed to last for years without warping or being damaged.


  • Some users have reported that balls on this table don’t have a lot of bounce.

  • There are some reports of the side-locking mechanism not working properly.

EastPoint Sports Easy Setup Table Tennis Table - 15mm - Features Durable Material, Easy Carry Handles and Wheels

The black playing surface of this ping pong table is very attractive and is sure to create a striking appearance in any room where you have it set up. While it is only rated for use indoors, it features a rust-resistant steel frame to ensure that the table won’t be scuffed or damaged in humid environments.


  • The easy-carry handles ensure that you can quickly move this table out to play or store it without problems.

  • The built-in wheels allow users to roll the table when it is folded up.


  • There are some reports of users only getting half of the table in their shipments.

  • Some users have reported deep scratches on the tabletop as well as curves in the surface.

JOOLA Rally TL - Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table w/ Quick Clamp Ping Pong Net & Post Set - 10 Minute Easy Assembly - Corner Ball Holders - USATT Approved - Ping Pong Table w/ Playback Mode, 15mm, Charcoal, Model:11131

The MDF surface is painted to be attractive and also offers great bounce during games. Thanks to the automatic anti-tilting locks, users can unfold just half of the table if they want to play by themselves to practice their shots. With corner ball holders and an abacus scorer, this table features everything that you need for a great game.


  • It only requires eight bolts to be inserted for complete assembly.

  • Steel legs and a wooden top are durable and high-quality.


  • Some users have reported the table shipping with scratches on the surface as well as damaged corners.

  • There are some reports of the wheels bending under the weight of the table.

AirZone Play Playback Table Tennis Table

Storing this ping pong table is incredibly easy and ensures that it won’t take up too much space in a home. Additionally, this table features wheels to allow it to be pushed out of the way when it is folded, making moving it possible for just one person and ensuring that solo play is not only possible but easy.


  • It offers single-player practice as well as tournament play.

  • It includes a high-quality net that won’t sag in the middle.


  • There are some reports of assembly being incredibly difficult and there also being pieces missing.

  • Some users have reported that the table is a little flimsy during play.

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MD Sports Official Size Playback Table Tennis Table

With oversized lockable casters that make this table not only easy to move but also to set up and lock in place as well as 1.25” steel legs, this table is designed for lots of play and won’t show signs of damage. The protective corner caps keep the corners of the table from chipping or being damaged and also prevent injury if a user runs into them, which can happen in fast and competitive games.


  • It features a waterproof PVC finish to protect the playing surface

  • Official size is great for highly competitive players.


  • Some users have reported that the table warps incredibly easily.

  • There are some reports of the table falling apart when folded up for storage.

ping pong Premier Table Tennis Table


Because this ping pong table folds so easily, it is great for a home where there are many avid players who want to get it out time and time again without worrying about the table being damaged. While the paddles and ping pong balls are sold separately, this allows users to get the highest-quality paddles and balls that they want, ensuring great play every time.


  • 3” lockable wheels allow for smooth rolling and transport.

  • The clamp-style net is easy to attach and remove.


  • There are some reports of the plastic corners shipping already broken.

  • Some users have reported that it can be difficult to assemble this table.

American Heritage Foldable Table Tennis Table

The removable net comes off easily and allows users to use this table in other ways, not just as a ping pong table. It’s great for eating and playing other games as well. In addition, the anti-glare surface of the table ensure that users won’t suffer from eye strain when playing. With padding on the edges of the table to prevent injury, this is a great table for users of all ages.


  • The solid legs provide a lot of stability during games

  • The high-quality hinges make it easy to fold this table up and on itself for storage.


  • There are some reports of the edges of the table peeling off.

  • Some users have reported that the parts of the table are very heavy and difficult to move.

What to Consider When Buying a Foldable Ping Pong Table

Difficulty of Assembly

Unless you're really handy, one thing that might affect your decision to choose one table tennis table over another is its assembly. 

Some are really simple, requiring only a few screws to put together. Easier yet, others ship to you already completely assembled.

Other tables need a bit more time and effort to put together. This isn't necessarily a problem if you know what you're doing, but if you don't have the time or don't know how to put one together, this might be a dealbreaker for you.

To determine how easy a table is to assemble, make sure you read customer reviews and the product description.


How durable your table is may also sway your decision. Some tables are prone to warping, denting, scratching, or otherwise failing to withstand the test of time.

There are two primary things that affect the durability of your table: what it's made from, and how thick it is.

As an example, consider wood. This is a common material for table tennis tables, but it doesn't hold up well in humid climates. 

Aluminum is another popular material. It's incredibly sturdy and can be used both indoors and outdoors. As a bonus, it can be pretty lightweight, too.

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Aside from making space by folding them, do you think you're going to need to move your table? In that case, you'll want to pay attention to whether or not it has wheels.

Wheels on the bottom the table's legs will allow you to easily push the table around. If you frequently need to clear out the room, this is a great option for you.

However, if you're going to leave the table in one place all the time, there isn't really a need for wheels.

Wrap Up

A foldable Ping Pong table can make all the difference when it comes to saving you a little space. If you need some extra room, all you need to do is fold it up and tuck it away. 

But it also makes it simpler to to transport your table. You can't easily take an entire unfolded table and put it in your car.

However, with any of the tables on this list, you'll be able to enjoy something that's portable and space-saving when you need it to be.

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