10+ Best Modern Ping Pong Tables – Top Options for Sale

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Best Modern Ping Pong Tables

With Ping Pong having been around for well over a century, there’s been plenty of time for manufacturers to make tables in every shape, color, and size.

The market is saturated with tables for every type of situation. If you don’t know much about Ping Pong tables or what you want from one, it can seem almost impossible to choose.

We’re creating this list of the best modern Ping Pong tables to aid anyone who’s lost in making their decision. By the end of this list, our goal is for you to understand why we recommend these tables and how to choose one of your own.

Here’s what we’ll educate you on:

  • Our picks for the best modern Ping Pong tables
  • The pros and cons of each individual table
  • What to consider before picking one for your home

Let’s check them out.

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Best Modern Ping Pong Tables

Nowadays, JOOLA is one of the top competitors in the Ping Pong table industry. They’re so dependable, in fact, that their tables have been used at the Olympics for over 60 years.

The Professional MDF Indoor table is a prime example of their high quality standards. It has a decently thick 15mm surface, and assembly can be completed within 10 minutes.

Additionally, it folds in half for convenient storage. But one other benefit to the way it folds is that you can set up half of it for a playback mode if you’re unable to find anyone else to play with.


  • This table can be set up in as little as 10 minutes.
  • Can fold up for a solo mode in the event you don’t have a partner to play against.
  • The 15-millimeter surface provides consistent bounce for game after game.
  • Wheels on the bottom allow you to painlessly move the table around.
  • During games or storage, you can lock the wheels to secure the table in place.


  • There are some reports of issues with delivery and packaging.

Stiga Space Saver Indoor Table Tennis Table

Don’t have much room? That’s not an issue for Stiga’s Space Saver table. When you’re done using it, you can fold in half and hide it away.

The halves of the table can also be completely separated. This makes it possible for you to use each half for different purposes simultaneously, such as playing different games or serving food and drinks.


  • Each individual leg can be adjusted for height, allowing you to compensate for any uneven areas on the floor.
  • Folds in half so tightly, you can fit it under a bed or in a closet when not in use.
  • The halves can come off completely, so you can use them as two tables.
  • Weighing 73 pounds, this petite table is a cinch to lift.


  • Some customers reported that the legs were dented when they received the table.

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RS Barcelona You and Me Indoor Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Not everyone likes the look of a Ping Pong table. Right away, you can tell they’re used for recreation because of their traditionally bright colors and lines. RS Barcelona’s You and Me table completely does away with everything you expect a Ping Pong table to look like.

Aside from being visually arresting, it incorporates a convenient slide-out shelf. Tuck your paddles, balls, and net in the shelf after the game to turn this into a dining or conference room table that will leave your guests in awe.


  • Beautiful modern design.
  • Has a built-in shelf that you can store the paddles, balls, and net in.
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Resistant to stains and rust, which makes it possible to use as a dining table.


  • It doesn’t have wheels or fold, so it’s not very mobile.

It’s not every day that you see a vivid red table like this one. And its usefulness goes far beyond being available in an uncommon color for Ping Pong tables.

Along with this table, you’ll receive two paddles, a net, and four balls. The moment you take this table out of the box and set it up, you’re ready to play.

On top of that, it’s incredibly petite. Tipping the scales at around 39 pounds, this is the by far the lightest mid-size table on this list. Folding it up and packing it away in between games won’t break your back.


  • You can start playing your first game instantly after setting the table up, because it comes with a net, paddles, and balls.
  • As the lightest table on the list, you can painlessly carry it.
  • Six heavy-duty aluminum legs grant the surface stability.
  • Has handles built into the sides to grip onto when you’re carrying it.


  • Some customers said that they did not receive some parts of the table with their order.

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Barrington Fremont Indoor Table Tennis Table

Regal and luxurious, this Barrington table would look right at home in a castle. Not that you need to have a castle to own this table – you can use it to bring a touch of royalty to your home, too.

With a 15mm tabletop, it provides an ample surface to play on with plenty of bounce. When you’re finished with your game, you can unclip the net in no time at all to put it away, transforming this table into a gorgeous statement piece.

One thing that really amazed us about this table is how surprisingly light it is. Although it’s made from high-quality wood, it weighs approximately 112 pounds. Even though it doesn’t have wheels, it won’t be extremely difficult to move it whenever you need to reposition the table.


  • Dark and luxurious aesthetic.
  • Weighs a slim, easy-to-manage 111.5 pounds.
  • Made from sturdy, high-quality wood.
  • The net quickly clips on and off to turn it into a multi-purpose table.


  • It does not have wheels or fold, limiting its mobility.

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Those looking to take their game outside should take a look at this table. Made by the experienced JOOLA company, it’s rugged enough to withstand all kinds of weather.

That’s mostly due to its aluminum composite surface. Beyond being resistant to rusting and fading, it won’t warp, either.

You really can set this table up outside, and then just leave it alone when you’re not using it.


  • Totally weatherproof aluminum composite surface.
  • One half can be folded up for solo games in playback mode.
  • Automatically locks shut when you fold it, so it won’t come unfolded by itself.
  • Adjustable leg levers make it possible to guarantee the table is perfectly level on all surfaces.
  • Includes a net that is also resistant to all weather conditions.


  • There are some reports that, since the halves aren’t attached to each other, it can be difficult to align them evenly for games.

So what do you do when you when you want a classy-looking table for your yard? You get something like this JOOLA Berkshire Outdoor table.

It’s made from durable, weatherproof concrete, but the top is designed to mimic the lively look of wood. Underneath, there are powder-coated steel legs that form an appealing cross shape. Similarly, the net is also made from the same powder-coated steel.

Best of all, when you want to turn the table into something you can eat or work on, simply remove the net. Suddenly, it transforms into a stunning piece of furniture.


  • Suitable for use as a dining table, conference table, or Ping Pong table.
  • Due to its concrete top and steel frame, it can be used safely inside or outside.
  • It’s a regulation-sized table, so you can use it to accurately practice for competitions.


  • Because of its weight of 343 pounds, it’s not a table that you will be able to store or transport by yourself.

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Killerspin MyT7 Pocket Regulation Size Foldable Indoor Table Tennis Table

We just had to include the MyT7 Pocket table on this list, because we love the built-in storage. You don’t see Ping Pong tables often that have a storage system like this one.

On either end of the table, you’ll find two openings. One can hold several balls, and the other can hold a pair of paddles for you. The best thing about this is that it lets you keep everything you need in one single place.

It’s also simply a good table. The surface is an impressive 18mm, and it folds in half both for storage and playback mode.


  • Has integrated storage pockets on both sides of the table.
  • Folds in half for storage and for single-player games.
  • The tournament-grade tabletop is 18mm thick.
  • Pushing the table out of the way is easy with its eight wheels.


  • There are some reports that it’s heavy and hard to move by yourself.

Killerspin Revolution SVR Indoor Table

Killerspin definitely proved themselves capable of making an attractive table with this entry. Its curving half-circle base is something this table can call all its own.

If you’re looking for a Ping Pong table that can give your game room a futuristic spin, this is the perfect table to do it with.

The impressive base is made from steel, which makes the table both sturdy and free from wobbling.


  • One-of-a-kind look.
  • Solid steel base is both long-lasting and stable.
  • Tough wooden tabletop.


  • This table is meant to be stationary, so it’s one of the heaviest options on this list.

We know we like it when we get some extra accessories with an order. That’s what you’ll get with Kettler’s Competition 3.0 table.

It comes with two paddles and six balls. This isn’t the case with all Ping Pong tables, many of which require you to buy paddles and balls separately. That’s what’s so refreshing about this one – there’s no need to worry if you forgot to get your own equipment.

Furthermore, it’s a tough table. Its surface is just over 19mm in thickness, which is perfect for balls to bounce off of.


  • The paint on the surface is resistant to scratches and fading.
  • Includes paddles and balls.
  • The dual locking system holds the table shut once you’ve folded it.
  • Has a solo game mode for those times when you can’t find someone else to play with.


  • None reported at this point in time.

Nomad Sport Conference Table

As you can tell from this table, we love when we come across Ping Pong tables that are multi-functional and beautiful. This one, like its name implies, can be used for both work and play.

One of the neatest things about it is that it can fold up and be used as a whiteboard. You won’t find this quality on many (if any) other tables out there today.

Plus, its crisp, clean surface would brighten up any office, no matter how dark and gloomy.


  • Clean and beautiful design.
  • Doubles as both a table and a whiteboard.
  • It can fold and has wheels, so you can push it out of the way when you need some room.
  • Suitable for Ping Pong and using as a conference table.


  • None reported yet.

Features to Consider

Indoor or Outdoor

Your options are going to be vastly different depending on where you would like to keep your table. Because of this, take a moment to think about where it will go.

If you want to keep it indoors, then your options are more extensive. Virtually all Ping Pong tables can be used indoors.

Comparatively, your field of choices will be a little bit narrower when you’re searching for an outdoor table. That’s because some materials, like wood, aren’t as long-lasting in damp outdoor weather.

Generally speaking, aluminum and concrete tend to the best the best materials for an outdoor table.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t wooden tables that can be used outside, though. You’ll need to check the description on any wooden table to be sure.

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One thing we will always recommend you do is measure the area you’re going to keep your Ping Pong table in. We cannot imagine the hassle of buying and waiting for a table, only to find that it’s too big for the room you’re going to store it in.

You don’t need to worry that your space is too small. There are plenty of mid-size or mini tables out there today for cramped spaces.

As an alternative, you could also consider keeping your Ping Pong table outside if you just don’t have the room in your home.

Tabletop Thickness

Perhaps one of the most important qualities to any professional-level table is how thick the top is. In a nutshell, the thicker the top, the better the bounce for the ball.

On average, Ping Pong tabletops can be anywhere from 10mm-25mm thick. If you’re a dedicated player, you’ll likely want to look for tables that lean towards the higher end of that spectrum.

Visual Appeal

We included plenty of striking tables on this list for a reason: we wanted to show you that a Ping Pong table doesn’t have to look the way you imagined. Just like any other piece of furniture, they can be beautiful and functional.

Since there are tons of visually appealing Ping Pong tables on the market today, you certainly can take looks into consideration. The old adage may say that you can’t judge a book by its cover, but sometimes, you can partially judge a Ping Pong table by its aesthetic.

This can be even more important in situations where you have a very specific décor theme in your home, or when you’re searching for something professional enough for an office.


A good Ping Pong table isn’t one that’s going to break down in a couple weeks or months. The best tables will last you for years and years into the future.

There are a few indicators that one table is going to hold up to daily wear and tear, but the biggest one is what it’s made out of.

A solid metal frame is one you can expect a long lifespan from. Aluminum and concrete tops are also famously durable. Wood can be long-lived, too, provided it’s kept indoors, unless it was designed to be used outside.

Wrap Up

We hope that you’ve learned a lot about Ping Pong tables over the course of this guide. They don’t have to be the boring table hidden away in a musty basement – they can be an attractive and fun part of any home or office.

Although there are plenty of wonderful options on this list, we’d personally pick the Killerspin MyT7 Pocket Regulation-Size Foldable Table if we had to choose only one. It’s the perfect balance of convenience and high-level play.

To start with, it has the built-in storage pockets that let you keep all your equipment together. And let’s not forget that you can fold it up to play games by yourself, which makes it possible for passionate Ping Pong fans to play whether or not they have someone to play against.