9 Best Ping Pong Robots – Review Our Top Picks for Sale

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Need a ping pong training robot to work on your game? You'll be wanting something with speed settings, trajectory adjustment and a long-last motor. In this guide, we've put together all the options you have available and picked out the best ping pong training robot for the money.

whats the best ping pong robot for the money

Let’s check them out – here’s a quick list of our favorites and where to find them

Best Ping Pong Robots

Thanks to the oscillation on this robot, it’s easy to get in a great training session in very little time. It holds more than 100 balls, which means that you can focus more on your hits than on setting up the robot or filling it back up. 


  • It’s easy to adjust the degree of downspin and topspin

  • Adjusting the frequency of ball release allows users to set up for the next shot

  • Remote control makes adjusting settings quick and easy

  • Quickly removable from the table to allow for regular play

  • Works with all standard size ping pong balls


  • There are some reports of the LED display failing after a few months

  • Some users have reported that the robot has trouble feeding balls

  • There are reports of users being frustrated at the lack of speed adjustment on the robot

Adjusting the ball preferences with this machine is very easy, which means that you can prepare for any game. The hopper easily holds more than 100 balls, allowing you to set up for a long period of practice. Adjusting the position of the machine is easy and it’s quick and simple to attach it to a ping pong table.


  • Simple design is easy for beginners to set up

  • Easy to adjust the ball frequency, spin intensity, and oscillation

  • Durable motor can last through hundreds of balls without needing rest

  • Wired remote makes controlling the robot easy


  • There are some reports of it being difficult to use due to the lack of clear instructions

  • Some users have reported that the screw to lock in the vertical angle isn’t very precise

  • There are reports of the spin on the ball not being very strong and the ball placement not being consistent

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You can enjoy more than 100 balls continually shot at you for practice with this ping pong robot. Because you have so much control over the ball speed, frequency, and spin, you can easily adjust your workout and practice from easy to intense.


  • The frequency and spin knobs are easy to turn, making adjustments on the fly simple

  • Assembly is very fast, as is connecting the robot to the remote

  • It’s possible to adjust for 12 to 70 balls per minute

  • Doesn’t hook onto the ping pong table, which means that it is unlikely to damage the surface


  • Some users have reported a very high misfire rate with this robot

  • There are some reports of the unit repeatedly jamming or ejecting two balls at the same time

  • Some users have stated that the machine doesn’t always respond to the remote control

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iPONG Expert Table Tennis Robot

The simple off and on switch makes using this robot easy, and while it doesn’t have a lot of ball settings to control the speed, trajectory, or spin, it’s a great option for beginners and kids. The even pace of the balls makes it possible for new players to predict the ball speed.


  • The low price make it a great option for kids to use

  • Slow load time is beneficial for beginning ping pong players

  • The clear shell allows users to see how many balls they are going to hit


  • Some users have reported that the location of the power button makes it difficult to start the robot and get in place to hit balls

  • There are some reports that the robot tends to shoot a lot of double balls

  • Some users report that the balls tend to roll out of the unit instead of shooting up

  • There are reports of the ball lever snagging a wire during use and disconnecting it, shutting off the machine

  • Only holds up to 25 balls at a time

While this is definitely more of an investment than some people are willing or able to make, if you are serious about playing ping pong and want to improve your ability to return all types of shots, you will want to consider it. The touch screen is informative and helps you plan out your sequence, allowing you to save nine custom sequence designs. Additionally, there are 30 built-in sequences that make getting started quick and easy.


  • Offers the ability to create customized practice routines

  • Ball recycling system is easy to use and makes practice easy

  • The LCD touch screen is very advanced and easy to use so that you can program your own ball sequence

  • Spin indicator panel shows you the spin of the upcoming ball, which is similar to playing with a human, as you can learn how to anticipate spin on shots


  • The high price tag of this ping pong robot may put it out of reach of some players

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This ping pong robot is easy to set up on your ping pong table, fill with balls, and start playing. While it doesn’t oscillate, it does make it easy to adjust the frequency of your balls as well as the spin. This means that you can easily practice your more difficult returns so that you’re ready for a human opponent.


  • Adjustable frequency is great for both beginners and advanced ping pong players

  • Memory button makes it easy to save a favorite setting so that you can practice your more difficult shots

  • Minimal assembly only takes a few seconds


  • There are reports of the lack of oscillation lowering the practice quality of this machine

  • Some users have reported that it can be difficult to learn how to adjust the underspin or right top to ensure the correct arc length

This is an incredibly powerful ping pong robot that makes it easy for you to drill down to your weak areas and practice them until you improve. You can enjoy adjusting the speed, spin, and location of your shots so that you can really improve your playing ability.


  • Can handle around 40 balls.
  • Includes several different spins, including topspin, backspin, and sidespins.
  • Indicator lights allow you to tell the spin on the ball
  • The attached basket holds up to 200 Ping Pong balls at once.


  • There are some reports of the oscillation not working as well, but not all customers had this issue.

You never have to worry about a blocked hose or shooter thanks to the unique design of this ping pong robot. The automatically loading balls can only move through the hose one at a time, preventing them from getting caught or jammed. Additionally, this robot changes the spin and ball direction, which is great for training.


  • Included net makes it easy to keep returned balls from flying all over the room

  • The metal hose is strong enough to easily pull balls up from the hopper

  • It’s simple to adjust the machine’s position to change where the balls will land

  • Irregular serve feature ensures that you are always on your toes


  • Some users have reported that setting up the net can be a little difficult

  • This ping pong robot is time-consuming to set up, which means that it is not ideal for impromptu practice

  • Some users have complained about the lack of ability to change your own ball settings on this robot

This ping pong robot can serve balls in a wide variety of ways, offering complete control over the speed angle, position, and spin. It’s easy to install the robot and lock it securely onto the edge of the table so that it doesn’t come loose. Additionally, this robot hopper is easy to fill and won’t ever get jammed or clogged.


  • The two-wheel drive makes it easy to adjust the speed and rotation separately

  • It’s easy to remove the robot and clean it for dust and dirt

  • Ball placement is fixed but can easily be changed

  • Included net prevents lengthy cleanup

  • Automatic ball feed ensures that the robot doesn’t jam


  • Some users have reported that regular cleaning is necessary to keep the robot working correctly

  • There are reports of the robot falling off of the table if not attached securely and correctly

What to Consider When Buying a Ping Pong Robot

Spin Settings

When you're playing against another person, they'll naturally use different kinds of spins if they know the game well. That's because spins make it more difficult for you to respond, tipping the balance in their favor.

In other words, practicing how to respond to various spins is critical for serious table tennis players. The problem is, you can't always find someone to practice with.

If you're really serious about the game, a table tennis robot can help you practice without a partner. Some will even have settings that let you tweak the spin of the ball being served to you, which allows you to practice your responses for the games that really matter.

Want to learn more about how to improve your own spin technique? Try reading our guide on how to hit a Ping Pong ball with spin.​​​​

Ping Pong Ball Capacity

It would be incredibly frustrating if you had to stop every other minute to pick up all the balls scattered around the room and reload the robot. That could throw you out of the zone, as well as interrupt your exercise just when you're starting to get your heart rate up.

To avoid this nuisance, you'll want to focus on the capacity of any potential Ping Pong machine. Not all robots are equal in this regard, with some being able to hold much more than others. This translates to them being capable of serving to you much longer, keeping your practice from being interrupted.


Nobody really enjoys the cleanup that comes after any activity. Whether it's cooking, playing board games, or playing table tennis, no one wants to have to spend a long time cleaning up at the end of the day.

It's especially true with Ping Pong. When you're using a Ping Pong robot for training, the served balls can fly everywhere. At the end of your session, you'll have to walk around gathering them all back up again.

Fortunately, there are plenty of robots that come with nets. You can set up these nets to catch the balls you return, cutting down on the lengthy cleanup.


Many things in life can get pretty costly, and Ping Pong robots are no exception. In fact, they can be quite an up-front investment sometimes.

Because of this, there's nothing wrong with outlining how much you can afford before you set out to buy one. The good news is that there are so many models out there, you're likely to find one that fits your budget no matter what it is.

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Wrap Up

If you’re on a budget, then getting the iPong V300 is your best bet. As of writing this, it’s the company’s latest iteration of this machine and several improvements have been made including a wireless remote that allows you to change ball frequency, direction, and spin.

It’s also been designed to jam way less than the previous models which is always a complaint with training robots.

You’ll probably still get a jam or two, but most people find they’re able to avoid them after playing around with the machine for a little bit.

That said, for what you have to pay compared to one of the really high-end training robots, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Check out the video below to see it in action or check the current price here

Depending on your actual budget, the Paddle Palace could be the best option for you, if you’re able to make the investment. The price tag it commands far exceeds the iPong, however, there’s not much that this machine can’t do. From the spin, frequency and landing spots you can create custom programs and create practice routines that are catered to helping you improve quickly.

To see it in action, check out the training video below. Or you can check out the current price here.

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