10 Best Black Ping Pong Tables – Review Top Picks for Sale

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Looking for a sleek black ping pong table? It'll suit all environments and occasions, from corporate offices to home tournaments. We searched all over and found 12 gorgeous options we're excited to share with you.

black ping pong table

Check them out below...

Not only does this ping pong table look great, but it is incredibly sturdy, thanks to the durable frame that was chosen for its design. It’s incredibly easy to break the table apart for storage, which is great for owners who don’t have a lot of room in their home to have the table set up at all times, but still want to play ping pong on a regular basis.


  • The magnetic abacus scorers make it easy to keep track of who is winning

  • 25 mm top is incredibly thick and ensures that the balls always bounce correctly


  • There are some reports of the table having defective wheels, making moving it difficult

  • Some users have reported that the screw holes were incorrect or too large, requiring repair before assembly

This attractive ping pong table has a repeat roller coating to ensure that the surface is durable and looks great. The 15 mm MDF used in construction provides great bounce with every hit, and the storage pockets on each end ensure that players won’t ever lose their paddles or balls in between games.


  • Enjoy solo playback mode with very little effort, which is great for practicing on your own

  • The automatic gravity locker helps players quickly set up the table without problems


  • Some users have reported that the ping pong ball holders are damaged upon arrival

  • There are some reports of the sliding bolt latch missing the bolt, making it impossible to keep the table upright and safe while it is in storage

Thanks to the 2” legs on this ping pong table, users don’t need to worry about the table shifting position or wobbling during play. The 2” steel aprons and corner protectors help to prevent any damage to the sides of the table, which can not only lower the aesthetic value of the table, but also cause it to easily break during games.


  • The thick top surface of the table provides excellent bounce on every hit

  • Assembly is fast and easy as the table is almost completely put together when shipped


  • There are some reports of the corners being damaged when shipped

  • Some users have reported that the sides of the table will easily curl up, affecting play and making it possible to get injured during a game


Not only is this a great table to play on with another person, but one side can be easily folded up if you want to practice on your own. Additionally, when it’s time to put the table away to clear up space in the home, owners can easily do this by folding the table in half and then rolling it out of the way.


  • Ships with the table, two paddles, two posts, a removable net, and two ping pong balls

  • The 15 mm surface provides plenty of bounce, which is great for beginners and more advanced ping pong players


  • Some users have reported that the two halves of the table don’t connect securely, leaving a gap

  • There are some reports of the support brackets on the legs not offering enough stability and the legs falling off

Thanks to the 75 mm wheels, this ping pong table is very easy to move when you have folded it up and are taking it out of storage. With eight wheels on the table, it’s simple to push it out of the way, and since four wheels have brakes, it’s also easy to lock it into position without worry about it moving on its own or being dangerous for children to be around.


  • Included storage ensures that you never lose your paddles and ping pong balls

  • The steel base is incredibly secure and won’t wobble during play


  • Some users have reported that the white center lines don’t match up when the table is put together

  • There are some reports that balls will leave marks on the table during play

Unlike some ping pong tables that have nets that fall down and tip over during a game, this ping pong table has a net that stays nice and taut, even when it is accidentally hit during matches. The steel apron provides ample support to the table and ensures that it won’t slip or move during games. Additionally, the bright yellow corner caps are attractive and protective, which will prevent damage during use and transport.


  • It’s easy to fold the table and move it out of the way thanks to the 2” casters

  • Only weighs 132 pounds, which is easy for a person to roll by themselves


  • Some users have reported that the self-opening legs don’t always work correctly

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RS Barcelona You and Me Ping Pong Table

This gorgeous ping pong table is a statement piece, not just a game table. Not only does it work perfectly as a ping pong table, but when the net is removed it is a wonderful dining or work table for families or a company. The attractive legs offer all of the necessary stability, but are thin enough to draw attention and add to the overall beauty of the ping pong table without sacrificing the necessary support.


  • Hidden side drawer provides out-of-sight storage for ping pong accessories so that they are always near the table

  • Made for both outdoor and indoor use


  • The high price tag of this table may put it out of budget for a lot of people

JOOLA Rapid Playback Table Tennis Table

Transporting this ping pong table is easy and safe, thanks to the anti-tilting device that prevents the table from tipping over when it is being moved. Thanks to the ball holders on the four corners of the table, it’s easy for players to keep the game going even when a hit goes wild and a ball bounces away. The 15 mm surface is thick and durable.


  • The polyurethane paint on the top of the table is attractive and easy to clean

  • The four casters are not only durable, but also locking


  • There are some reports that the surface of the table can be damaged by water marks

  • Some users have reported that the top of the table is easily scratched

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Barrington Billiards Company Fremont Table Tennis Table

Owners looking for a more permanent ping pong table for their home will appreciate the design and stability of this ping pong table. The attractive crossbars on the legs add strength to the table and prevent it from rocking during play and also update the table from other ping pong tables on the market. With an 18 mm playing surface, the table is very durable and offers a lot of bounce, which is great for new players.


  • Attaching the legs is fast and easy and doesn’t require any drilling

  • Attractive design of the table makes it look high quality


  • There are some reports that the table looks sturdy and durable, but is very light and can shift position

STIGA Synergy Playback Table

With quality features such as edgebanding, a wooden board cross support, molded protection pads on the corners, 2” steel apron, and self-opening legs, it’s easy to see why this black ping pong table is so popular. Not only does it feature great components, but it is easy to set up and offers fast play and great control over the ball. The quickplay design of the table ensures that players of all abilities will be challenged when using this table.


  • Instructions are clear and assembly is fast and easy

  • Includes a net and posts that fit perfectly on the table


  • Some users have reported that the table arrives damaged

  • There are some reports of the paint on the table’s surface easily chipping

What to Consider When Buying a Black Ping Pong Table


When you're buying a Ping Pong table, it's never a bad idea to contemplate the size of the room you have available for it. 

This partly depends on what you're going to use the table for. If it's just for casual use, then it's fine for you to get any size that works best for you.

On the other hand, if you're planning on playing professionally, you might want a table most like those used in official tournaments. Those tables have to be a certain size, which you can find in the International Table Tennis Federation's leaflet.

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With most purchases in life, it's natural to stop and think about the cost. You don't want to spend more than you can afford on something you don't need.

However, don't let price be the only quality you look at. As with all things, the quality of table tennis tables tends to go up along with the price.

This doesn't necessarily mean you won't be able to find a good table at an affordable price. It just means that you'll usually find thicker and more durable tables when you look at high-end options.

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Do you foresee yourself having to move the table frequently? For instance, maybe it's in a spare room that you have guests stay in sometimes. Or maybe you're planning on putting in a storage space, and you'll need to make room here and there.

If either of those situations sounds like yours, then the portability of the table will be a big component in your choice. 

There are a handful of qualities that affect how portable a table is. One is whether or not the table folds. A folding table can easily be folded in half and stored in a closet or carried away.

Another thing to look out for is if the table has wheels. Tables like these can be pushed to different locations without a hassle, especially if they're lightweight.

If you're interested in hearing more about portable tables, you can check out our list of best portable Ping Pong tables.


Chances are, you've decided you want a black Ping Pong table if you've come across this list. 

But your visual requirements don't need to stop there. There are tons of Ping Pong tables out there, and that means every option under the sun is available to you.

Some black Ping Pong tables have accents in different colors. Others are available only in black.

Color aside, the shape of a table can vary. You'll find some with thin, graceful legs, and others with sturdy-looking square legs.

There are so many looks for you to choose from. Given that a Ping Pong table can be pretty costly sometimes, there's no reason why you shouldn't choose one you like looking at.

Wrap Up

Bright colors aren't for everyone. Sometimes, you need something dark or muted to really pull off the decoration in a room without being overwhelming.

A Ping Pong table isn't just fun - it can round out the color scheme in just about any room. Black tables are particularly good for this, because their dark, neutral tone matches with a huge array of colors.

We really like the Barrington Billiards Company Fremont Table Tennis Table. Its crossing legs and dark playing surface give it a look of class that is all its own. We think it could bring a touch of sophistication to any gaming room. 

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