Butterfly Ping Pong Table Review – The Best Options for Sale

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Butterfly Ping Pong Table Review

Brand name can be really important. Certain names convey a measure of trust with them, which is why so many people are loyal to specific brands.

Butterfly is a brand that specializes in gear related to Ping Pong, including tables. In this article, we’ll conduct an in-depth Butterfly Ping Pong table review by looking at their best tables.

That way, if you’re interested in Butterfly, you’ll know which tables to get and why.

Let’s check them out…

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Best Butterfly Ping Pong Tables

Centrefold Table Tennis Table

Butterfly Centrefold Table Tennis Table

This Butterfly Centrefold table is professional-level quality. For one thing, it has an impressive 1-inch thick top, which is just over 25 millimeters. To put that into perspective for you, consider that the range of playing surface thickness on most tables goes from 12mm to 25mm.

As you can see, this table is slightly above the highest end of the spectrum. This degree of thickness will have a huge level of impact on your games, guaranteeing consistent bounce. An extra benefit to it is that it makes the tabletop resistant to scratches or other daily wear and tear.

The frame on this table is impressive stuff, too. It’s made from steel, which is a long-lasting material.

At the bottom of each leg, you’ll find adjustable feet. This also influences your ability to play, because it give you complete control over the level of the table. That’s why this table is perfect for floors that are uneven.

Even more amazing, there’s no assembly required whatsoever. The Centrefold Table is delivered to your house completely assembled for you.


  • Extremely thick playing surface, which is resistant to wear and tear.
  • Approved by the International Table Tennis Federation.
  • You can get it in blue or green, depending on your own personal preference.
  • Because it folds up, you can comfortably store it away.
  • Each individual foot is adjustable, giving you complete control over the level of the table.
  • Delivered 100% assembled for you.


  • Some customers reported that the table is very heavy and hard to move.

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Are you hoping to get your kids involved in the game? This Butterfly Junior Ping Pong Table is one way to do it.

It’s 75% the size of an official regulation-sized table. The reduced size means it’s much more kid-friendly, so your children won’t struggle to reach the top or get around the table quickly enough.

However, the size isn’t the only thing that makes it great for kids. Around each corner, you’ll see bright red padding. It protects your children from bumps and bruises if they accidentally run into the corners.

Similar to the previous table on this list, it also ships fully assembled. You won’t need to worry about your kids getting impatient to play while they wait for you to put the table together.

Another great aspect of this table is that it’s a dream to transport. Each half can be separated so it’s not as heavy or large to move. If your child is a real Ping Pong fan and wants to keep playing on the go, then this is the perfect table for them.


  • Each half weighs 35 pounds and can come apart from the whole for efficient transportation.
  • There’s no assembly necessary, because it comes put together for you already.
  • Includes a net.
  • Protection pads on the corners safeguard your little ones from bruises.


  • Some customers stated it would be better if the table came with instructions, even though it’s already assembled.
  • There are some reports that this table is smaller than expected.

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Butterfly Easifold Indoor Table Tennis Table

No one likes having to spend hours and hours assembling something they ordered. Unlike the previous tables on this list, the Easifold table doesn’t ship fully assembled, but it doesn’t take long to put it together. In fact, you can have it set up in as little as 10 minutes out of the box.

With a thick 19mm top, this table will provide you great bounce for game after game. It’s also extremely durable, so you can expect to be playing on it for a long time to come. However, due to its wooden surface, this is a table that’s meant exclusively for indoor use.

One thing that makes it truly differ from many other tables is its playback mode. You can fold up half the table so it sticks up and bounce your ball against it to play games by yourself. If you’re a Ping Pong enthusiast, this can be fantastic, because you’ll no longer need to wait for a partner every time you want to play.


  • You don’t need any other people to play, because of this table’s playback mode.
  • Comes with a net.
  • Its 19-millimeter surface is thick enough to provide ample bounce for every game.
  • This table can be assembled in several minutes.
  • Wheels on the bottom and folding it up make it easy to store out of the way.


  • None reported yet.

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Butterfly Playback Rollaway REgulation Size Table

This gorgeous tournament-level table is available in both a cool blue and a vibrant green. Color choices are always perfect for homes that have a specific color scheme, or if you just like one color more than the other.

At 19mm of thickness, the top on this table is ideal for professional players or enthusiasts. You’ll find that the ball bounces exceptionally well on its surface.

Aside from the mini table on this list, it’s also one of the lightest options at 180 pounds. Combined with its four wheels, you won’t need to break your back every time you want to move the table to another location.

The net it comes with attaches to the tabletop and stays there whether it’s unfolded or open. That way, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of detaching the net every time you want to store the table. This also prevents the possibility of losing the net that occurs when you store it separately from the table.


  • Four wheels on the bottom make moving this table incredibly efficient.
  • Repositioning the table is easy, because it’s lighter than most full-size tables.
  • You can effortlessly store the table because it folds in half.
  • The table top is a robust 19mm, which is great for professional players.


  • There are some reports of issues with the delivery.

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Butterfly Space Saver Foldable Indoor Table

If you’re looking for a table that will give you the tools you need to strengthen your skills, then this Space Saver table is a wise pick. At 22mm, its tabletop is the second thickest one on this entire list. With tabletops, generally thicker is better, and 22mm is absolutely fantastic for serious players.

The Space Saver keeps the promise implied by its name by being simple to fold in half. You won’t need a team of people to prep it for storage, because it’s designed to fold up so easily, one person can do it by themselves.

Adjustable leg height for each leg lets you customize the height and level of the table. Uneven floors are no problem here.

As an extra bonus, you get a choice when it comes to color, because it’s offered in blue or green.


  • With a 22-millimeter top, this is the second thickest tabletop on the list.
  • So easy to fold in half, you’ll only need one person to store it.
  • Each leg has an adjustable height, so you can ensure the playing surface is always level.
  • Offered in blue or green.
  • Because it’s suitable for use in tournaments, professionals can use it to practice on.


  • None reported yet.

Features to Consider


Right away, one thing that will help you choose a Butterfly table is determining what size of table you need. For example, if you’re searching for a table that’s suitable for a young child, then you’ll want a table that’s small.

From the tables on this list, the Junior Ping Pong Table is best for children. That’s largely due to its small size, because children can easily reach the top of the table and move around it.

However, if you’re just looking for one for yourself as an adult enthusiast, then you’ll probably want a full-size table. On the other hand, you may still want a mini or mid-size table if you don’t have very much space at home.

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Playback Mode

Looking for a table that you can practice Ping Pong on every day (or close to it)? There’s a possibility you might not be able to find someone to play with every time you’re craving a game.

In that case, a table with a playback mode will be your best friend. These kinds of tables fold in half, with the half sticking upright so you can hit a ball against the surface and reflect it back to you.

In other words, you can keep playing and practicing every day without having to find someone else to play with you.


Overall, most Butterfly Ping Pong tables look very similar, but there are still some differences. Most commonly, you might find color options that let you order a particular table in different colors.

For that reason, you can decide if a certain color is more desirable to you than others.

Legs are another feature that can differ visually in Butterfly Ping Pong tables. However, keep in mind that with legs, form usually follows function. A particular type of legs may look better to you, but they may not have the features you need.


You might not be able to leave your table out in the open all the time. If you’re going to need to store your table in between games, mobility is going to be important to you.

There are a handful of traits you should look for when it comes to how portable your table is. Those traits include whether or not the table folds, wheels, and its size.

A smaller table is obviously going to be easier to store or carry than a large, heavy one.

But even large tables can become a cinch to move when they have several wheels, or they can be folded in half.

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Butterfly tables are typically simple to set up. Most have assembly that’s designed to be completed within 10 minutes.

However, some come already assembled for you. Basically, with these types of tables, the entire thing arrives at your house and it’s ready to play from the instant you find a place for it.

If you’re the type of person who hates assembly, you’ll likely prefer a table that comes fully assembled. One thing to note with fully assembled tables, though, is that they might be harder to move because they’re already in one piece.

In comparison, with tables that you have to assemble, they come in much more manageable boxes in small pieces.

Wrap Up

Butterfly is a very reputable brand to choose from in the world of Ping Pong tables. You really can’t go wrong with choosing from their many options.

If we had to narrow down this list, though, we’d personally recommend the Centrefold Table Tennis Table. Its playing surface is the thickest on this entire list, and because of that, it’s the best in terms of professional play.

With its adjustable legs, you’ll also never have to worry about an uneven playing surface. You can compensate for any tilts in the ground by adjusting whichever leg you need. It’s the best table to get if you’re interested in becoming a professional player or if you just want the most consistent Ping Pong experience possible.

Perhaps best of all, you get all these professional-level features without any time-consuming assembly.