6 Best Conference Room Ping Pong Tables – Review Top Picks for Sale

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Is a conference room ping pong table what you need to complete your office? It's the optimal choice if you're looking for one piece of furniture to serve multiple functions, from a gathering place for business meetings, to a dining surface, to relaxing recreation.


See eight options in a wide array of styles below...

Best Conference Room Ping Pong Tables

EYHOVTable Tennis Conference Table

This attractive ping pong table easily doubles as a conference table, making it a great choice for any business where the employees want to be able to blow off a little steam during the day. It is not modular or extendable so users never have to worry about the table shifting when it is in use, which can be frustrating during matches and meetings.

The high-pressure synthetic laminate surface is incredibly shiny and will look great for a long time as it is not prone to being marred or damaged. This table offers wire management, which is great for a tech-centered company as it makes it easy for them to handle wires from their electronics.


  • The striking all-white design ensures that the ping pong table really stands out and becomes a focal point in any office.

  • The durable legs are designed to offer plenty of support during games and business meetings and won’t get in the way when people are sitting at the table.


  • Some users have expressed concern about the heavy weight of the ping pong table and how difficult it can be to move once it is assembled.

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Not only is this ping pong table great to play on but it also doubles as a conference or a dining room table, which ensures that it always does double duty. With room to store a phone as well as a communication cable pass area and recessed edges for placing notepads and cellphones, this table is designed to be a workhorse in any business.

Thanks to the attention to detail on this table, it is a great option for any company and can easily seat eight people without anyone feeling uncomfortable or squished. The sturdy legs offer plenty of support without being so large that they seem to take up too much room or making it difficult for employees to pull up chairs for a meeting.


  • The top slides open to show hidden storage for gaming accessories so that they are always close at hand but not in the way.

  • The attractive walnut top ensures that this table looks great both in modern and more rustic locations.


  • At 450 pounds, once this ping pong table is in place, it is very difficult to move even with help.

RS Barcelona You and Me Oak Ping Pong Table

Enjoy a Scandinavian feel with this attractive, understated conference ping pong table that is sure to provide you with hours of entertainment as well as a great place to conduct meetings. The oak chosen for the table is durable and lightly stained, which is a gorgeous contrast to the white side and underside of the table top.

With steel reinforcements, this table is durable and reliable. Users won’t ever have to worry about it wobbling or shifting during gameplay, which can easily interrupt a game. While there aren’t any leg levelers, the perfectly flat playing surface of the table is designed to provide a lot of bounce on each hit, which makes it easy to return hits and ensures long-lasting games even for beginners.


  • The standard-size table easily seats between eight and ten, making it a wonderful option for dinner parties or when companies need to have a meeting with many of their employees.

  • It includes the net, balls, and paddles so that users can start playing a game right away.


  • There are some reports of users having difficulty accessing the storage underneath the table.

District Eight Indoor Table Tennis Table

Ping pong players and business owners who the look of leather and wood will be irresistibly drawn to this table. It’s perfectly designed for dining, business meetings, and a quick game of ping pong in between seeing clients. Because the net attaches so quickly and easily to the table, it’s easy to squeeze in a fast game any time of the day.

This ping pong table looks great in any space because of its sensational design and the high-quality components that were used in its construction. No matter the décor in the rest of the room, this table will be sure to stand out for all of the right reasons.


  • Made from cast iron, steel, and wood, this table is durable and sturdy.
  • Attractive table legs add a lot of visual interest to the table and prevent it from appearing too dark and heavy even with the darker finish on the wood.


  • There are some reports that the components are very heavy.
  • Some users have expressed that assembly is difficult.

Winston Indoor Conference Table Tennis Table

Looking for something that will impress coworkers, clients, and other guests alike? Venture's Winston Indoor Conference Table Tennis Table is a great pick.

It's made from gorgeous, slick maple with warm walnut inlays to give it some visual intrigue. Better yet, it was made by hand, so you can guarantee you're getting something completely unique with this table.


  • Stunning maple wood with walnut inlays.
  • The surface of the able is water-resistant, in case there are any accidental spills.


  • None reported yet.

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Killerspin Revolution SVR Table Tennis Table

This conference ping pong table is large enough to seat eight people around it, ensuring that everyone can easily work together on a major project without feeling left out. Additionally, the net attaches easily to the middle of the table in minutes, which is great when employees want to blow off some steam after a meeting.

While there isn’t any hidden storage in this ping pong table, this just means that the design is incredibly slick and minimal, which really appeals to some people. It will look just as at home in a busy office as well as in an updated, modern home or apartment.


  • The wood surface on this ping pong table is designed to not only allow great play of the ball during competition but also to provide a smooth and flat surface for taking notes during meetings.

  • The sleek design of the legs and the top are very updated.


  • There are reports of the table looking very modern in person, which means that it may look out of place in some homes or offices.

  • Some users have reported that assembly is difficult.

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What to Consider When Buying a Conference Room Ping Pong Table


Arguably the most important aspect of your conference room Ping Pong table will be how it looks. The objective here is to have it blend in with office furniture, which means it can't look like a toy.

You'll want something with a sophisticated, professional-looking design, something that doesn't stick out like a sore thumb.

Wooden tables are particularly good for this. There are many different kinds of wood you can get a Ping Pong table in, each one with a look all its own. 

Want to check out some of our favorite wooden Ping Pong tables? We've made a list.


Since you're not playing professionally in a conference room, you can enjoy a little leeway with the size of the Ping Pong table you're considering.

Think about how much space you have in your conference room first. Consider measuring any potential spots for the table, so you can get an idea of exactly how much space you have to work with.

Nothing would be quite as frustrating as ordering a beautiful table, only to find that it won't fit in your conference room. Product descriptions for each table will tell you this in advance so you don't end up with something that doesn't work.


Got anyone in the office who's prone to spills and accidents? Ping Pong tables can get pretty expensive and luxurious, so it's not unreasonable for you to want one that's especially durable.

Wood is a pretty sturdy material, as long as you keep it out of humid outdoor weather.

Aluminum can also be pretty tough, but it is lighter and can occasionally warp over time.


If you don't have anyone around the office to give you a helping hand, you might want to look for tables that are designed to assemble quickly and easily. 

Again, this is something you can usually find in the description. Occasionally, you might even find that some tables come with installation services to save you a little hassle.

Another good place to look is previous customer reviews. Most customers are very honest about the quality of each table, noting if there were any issues with assembly.

Wrap Up

When you think Ping Pong table, you probably think of something that has bright, garish colors. It may be fun, but it doesn't look like something you'd have in an office, right?

Fortunately, this isn't true for all tables out there on the market today. The game has evolved to meet the needs of a wide range of people, including office workers. Because of this, there are many sleek, professional-looking ones you can have in your own conference room.

We hope the tables on this list helped show you that the right Ping Pong table can really complement your office, as well as add a way for employees to relax. If we had to put one in an office of our own, we'd pick the Winston Indoor Conference Table Tennis Table.​​​​

We think it looks sleek and gorgeous. Without a net and paddles, your coworkers and clients would have no idea that it's a Ping Pong table.

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