8 Most Expensive Ping Pong Tables in – Review Our Best Picks for Sale

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An expensive ping pong table can be well worth the money. For the right price, you can find a game table with the exact look and functionality you've always dreamed of.

expensive ping pong table

Take a peek at our curated list of options to match your personal style...

Most Expensive Ping Pong Tables

JANUS et Cie Table Tennis Table

There aren’t any frills on this ping pong table, which makes it perfect for use in a modern and updated space. Not only does it look great, but it offers great play as well, and the balls bounce relatively high off of the surface, making it easy to return them.


  • Includes a transparent protective cover to decrease the likelihood of the table surface being damaged

  • The sleek lines and bright stainless steel add to the modern appeal of this table


  • The stainless steel frame is durable, but at 326 pounds, this ping pong table is almost impossible to move once it has been set up

  • Some users have reported that the color of the table top is not true to the online picture

District Eight Indoor Table Tennis Table

This ping pong table is absolutely striking thanks to the dark playing surface and slender modern legs. Speaking of legs, they're made from durable steel with a matte finish, so they're not too bright and distracting. The playing surface is made from a sturdy and beautiful hard fumed oak.


  • Durable oak playing surface.
  • Modern industrial aesthetic that will bring an artsy air to any gaming room.


  • There are some reports of the parts being really heavy during assembly.

Scale 11 EYHOVTable Tennis Conference Table

It’s easy to switch between work and play with this attractive ping pong table. Not only does the net stay nice and taut during games, but it stretches easily across the table and clamps on in seconds, allowing you to play a quick game at any time of the day. The split legs are designed to offer plenty of support and to prevent the table from rocking during intense matches, and they are incredibly durable and reliable.


  • Doubles as a conference or dining table, which is great for small businesses

  • Sits eight people comfortably, which is great for dining and meetings


  • Some users have reported that the table looks very modern in person, which is not ideal for all homes or businesses and can make it look out of place

Nomad Sport Conference Table

The bright white surface of this Ping Pong table is appealing. It would look great in virtually any office or home. Better yet, the laminate surface and edge are designed to allow this table to last for years and years, resisting any bumps.


  • Folds up to be used as a whiteboard, which is great for cramped offices
  • Easily rolls out of the way when not in use to help save space


  • None reported yet.

Modloft AmsterDam Indoor Outdoor Table Tennis Table

One thing that really sets this table apart from other ping pong tables on the market is that it has a stainless steel net. It’s perforated and won’t ever bend or flop over during a game. This table ships with two bamboo paddles that are handcrafted to ensure the highest quality. Additionally, the blend of fiberglass and concrete makes the table very heavy but helps to prevent it from becoming damaged or accidentally shifting during use. This means that your floor won’t be damaged when you invest in this table.


  • The crisp white table surface, legs, and net are all visually appealing

  • The infinity legs provide ample support to the table and prevent it from rocking


  • There are some reports of the surface of the table being easily marked and damaged

RS Barcelona You and Me Indoor Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Ping pong aficionados who love contrast in their ping pong table will really appreciate the white paint and light oak top and legs of this ping pong table. The net is durable enough to last through heated games without becoming loose, and the simple design of this table is very appealing. It’s easy to set up, and since it only weighs 150 pounds, it can easily be moved to a new location.


  • The smaller size makes this a perfect ping pong table for homeowners who don’t have room for a large table
  • The included side drawer is great for storing the net, ping pong balls, and paddles when not in use


  • There are some reports of the small size of this ping pong table making it difficult to play doubles

Winston Indoor Conference Table Tennis Table

Enjoy the bold shape and design of this ping pong table and how it freshens up your space in no time at all. The walnut inlay is striking and dark, giving the ping pong table an almost exotic look. With a thick top, you can rest easy that you will get great bounce on all of your hits. 


  • The maple surface with walnut inlays looks stunning.
  • The distinctive angles on this ping pong table help it stand out in any room


  • There's a 3-4 week lead time after you order the table, so you'll need to wait before you receive it.

killerspin foldable expensive ping pong table

Made with a 22mm top, this ping pong table offers incredible bounce on every single hit. It folds easily for storage, which makes it perfect for setting up in a small home without having to worry about space constraints. As a professional competition table, it provides fast play and action on every single hit. Additionally, this table has a glare-reducing coating to prevent eye strain when playing.


  • Sleek and modern design is very updated and impressive thanks to the muted color scheme
  • The easy height adjustments makes it simple to ensure that this table is easy to play on


  • Some users have reported having problems getting the two halves of the table to line up evenly for play

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What to Consider When Buying an Expensive Ping Pong Table


When you have more of a budget to spend, you have a bit more wiggle room when it comes to material. This is actually a critical consideration, as different materials can contribute to how well the ball bounces on the playing surface.

Wood is probably one of the most common materials. It's great for bounce, and it looks elegant. Aluminum is another popular one, because it can be lightweight and durable. 

Concrete is used occasionally, too, although it tends to be on the heavy side.

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Visual Appeal

A Ping Pong table doesn't have to look playful, childish, or bright. Even though it's for a game, you can certainly find options that radiate sophistication or professionalism. 

Since you have so many choices out there, you can look for tables that fit your aesthetic tastes. Whether you want something bright, dark, simple, complex, or colorful, you can find anything that matches your preferences. 

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Indoor or Outdoor

Believe it or not, Ping Pong tables can actually go inside or outside. Many people will have a gaming area in their yard where they can unwind and enjoy the outside at the same time.

So it's worth thinking about whether you'd want a table that can go inside or outside. Usually, the greatest factor contributing to this is the material it's made from.

Aluminum tables tend to be better for the outdoors, because they can hold up under extreme weather conditions better.

Additional Features

Sometimes, a table tennis table is more than just the table. Many are packed with all kinds of convenient features that streamline the game for you.

For instance, some tables will come with built-in shelves that you can use to store paddles or balls. Others will have nets that can easily clip on, so you can remove them and use the surface as an elegant table in between games. 

Wheels and folding are a couple other common extras that tables will be designed with. These features in particular help with portability, because they take the hassle out of transporting the table.

Wrap Up

We hope you enjoyed looking at these expensive Ping Pong tables as much as we did. 

One trait these tables tend to have in common is that they all look dazzling. Some are sleek, others are modern, and others have a timeless look to them that will last for years. One thing is for sure, though: they are all beautiful, and any one would complement your home.

Because they're high-end tables, you can anticipate quality and a long lifespan from any one of them. However, if we had to narrow it down to one, we'd pick the Winston Indoor Conference Table Tennis Table.

There's just something especially beautiful about it. Maybe it's the hypnotic contrast between the maple and walnut inlay. Or maybe its the soft gleam of the surface and its simplistic square legs. 

No matter what it is, it's definitely one table that we think would enhance the atmosphere of our own gaming space.

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