How to Fix a Warped Ping Pong Table (4 Simple Steps)

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Are you trying to figure out how to fix a warped ping pong table? Then you've come to the right place.

how to fix a warped ping pong table

Try these 4 simple steps for the best chance at making your table playable again...

Quick Note: No matter how careful you are to take care of your ping pong table, accidents can happen, and the table can sometimes warp. If the warping is not too extreme, then it is very likely that you will be able to fix the damage and enjoy playing on the table again.

This is why you need to make sure that you address any warping immediately, and by doing so, you can prevent it from getting worse. If you have a warped ping pong table, then you can simply follow these steps to repair the damage and enjoy a flat and level playing surface once more.

Step 1 – Remove the Top

It’s almost impossible to repair a warped ping pong table top if the top is still attached to the legs. The first step in repairing this damage is to find the correct tools that you need to remove the top. By carefully removing any screws or other hardware holding the top to the frame and the legs, you can then place it gently on the ground so that you can work on it.

Make sure that you keep track of all hardware that you remove when taking off your table top. You will want to make sure that you put it on again in the right location and in the correct order to keep your table in good condition.

Step 2- Check the Damage

After removing the warped top from your table, you will be able to really see what damage you have. Very light warping can easily be taken care of, but if the table was left in damp conditions or allowed to slowly warp over a longer period of time, then the repairs are not going to be very easy.

Make sure to look all of the way around the sides of the top as well as on the bottom so that you can see where the damage is located. This will allow you to prepare for the next steps. It’s only by knowing the full extent of the warping damage that you will be able to take care of your table and repair the damage.

Step 3 – Dampen, If Necessary

Next you need to feel the wood of your ping pong table to see if it is still damp from being warped or if it has dried completely. Old warping will tend to be dry, but if you act quickly, then you may be able to stop warping when the table top is still damp.

If your table is no longer damp then you will have a very difficult time repairing the warping. Begin by lightly misting some water over the table where it is warped and allowing it to rest on the surface and then to soak in. Do not apply so much water that it is standing on the surface.

If the table still feels damp, then you don’t need to apply any water and can move on to the next step.

Step 4 – Weigh Down the Warp

Keeping the table flat on the ground, you now need to put something heavy on the top of the table, making sure to focus on the warped area. Larger warps may need to be treated multiple times to help smooth out the table.

Allow the table to dry completely while weighted, and then remove the weight and check the condition of your table. You can now reassemble the table, although you may want to resurface the top, depending on the extent of the damage.

If your ping pong table isn’t too badly warped, then you will likely be able to fix it as long as you act quickly. However, if the warping is extreme or has happened over a long period of time, then you are probably going to have to replace the top of the table. While this may seem difficult, it can be a lot less frustrating than trying to fix a warped surface.