Killerspin Ping Pong Table Review – Top Options for Sale

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Killerspin Ping Pong Table Review

Are you unsure which Killerspin Ping Pong tables are the best ones to buy?

We’ve written this detailed Killerspin Ping Pong Table Review to answer that question and more. By the end of this review, you’ll know the following:

  • Which are the top Killerspin Ping Pong tables for sale today
  • The pros and cons for each table on the list
  • How to decide which table you should pick

Let’s jump right in…

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Top Killerspin Ping Pong Tables

MyT4 Foldable Indoor Table Tennis Table

MyT4 Foldable Indoor Table

Right away, there’s something that makes this table different from many others: it’s available in either a deep glossy black color or a zesty lime green. With blue being one of the more common colors in tables today, both of these are options that will set your table apart.

Beyond the color, it’s clear that this table was created for lovers of the game and professionals alike. Its playing surface is a solid 16mm thick, so balls will consistently spring off it without issue.

But one of the things we like most about the table is the pockets located on either end. On each end of the table, there are two storage areas that you can fit a paddle and several balls in.

This is perfect for protecting your equipment. Since you can keep it all in one place, you’re much less likely to lose it.


  • Available in either black or green.
  • Has integrated storage on the either end of the table.
  • Includes a playback mode so you can play alone.
  • Folds for quick, painless storage.
  • Four pairs of wheels make this table a dream to transport.


  • There are some reports of the net being a little fragile.

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Killerspin Revolution SVR Indoor Table

Here is another table indicative of Killerspin’s flair for artistic design. The graceful, curving base underneath contrasts beautifully against the sleek black top. You could feel proud to have this table in your home.

Fortunately, it’s so much more than looks with this table. It’s tough as nails, too, with its thick wooden top and steel base.


  • Modern and chic aesthetic.
  • Made from durable wood with a tough steel base.


  • Since it can’t fold and doesn’t have wheels, this table isn’t very portable.

The MyT7 Pocket table makes a bold statement. It’s offered in black or blue, but both options have bright red clamps on the ends of the net, which contrasts against the playing surface.

One each end of the table, players can store up to 8 balls and 2 paddles. This keeps your equipment from being scattered around your home.

What makes it a cut above the alternatives, though, is its thickness. With a dense 18mm table, even professionals would find the MyT7 an absolute pleasure to play on.


  • You can purchase it in either blue or black.
  • The edges of the net strike a bold contrast against the color of the table.
  • Built-in storage spaces on each end of the table for paddles and balls.
  • Folds up for storage.
  • Can be folded up for a solo mode.


  • Some customers felt it would be even better if it came with some way to attach to the two halves to each other when it’s unfolded.

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KillerSpin My T10 Pocket Regulation Size Foldable Table

In many ways, the MyT10 table is similar to others in the MyT series. However, there’s one aspect that really makes this one shine: its 25-millimeter top.

To give you some perspective, the average Ping Pong table can be anywhere from 10-25mm in thickness. The fact that this one has a 25mm playing surface is nothing short of incredible. Playing on this table would be an absolute luxury.

Like others in the series, it also comes with the storage pockets and bold net. Furthermore, it can be folded up for storage purposes or to engage the playback mode.


  • Comes in a calming blue or a unique brown color.
  • Includes storage for balls and paddles on each end.
  • The tabletop is an amazing 25mm in thickness.
  • Suitable for use in tournaments.
  • You can play alone with the playback mode.


  • Some customers felt the tabletop is susceptible to scratching.

Killerspin MyT10 Storm Foldable Indoor Outdoor TAble

You might be wondering what makes the MyT10 Storm different from any of the other MyT series tables. The secret is in one word in the name: storm.

Out of all the tables on this list, this is the only one suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Like the “storm” in its name, its aluminum-plastic surface protects it from all types of weather conditions.

Aside from being weatherproof, it still gives you all the convenience of other MyT series tables, including the built-in storage and foldability. You can even play alone using the playback mode if you can’t find a partner.

But with this table, you can also take the game outside if you’re looking to enjoy some fresh air at the same time.


  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Foldability and wheels allow you to move the table whenever you need to.
  • The halves can fold up so you can play by yourself.
  • Includes built-in paddle and ball storage at both ends of the table.


  • None reported yet.

Features to Consider


Feel like taking Ping Pong outside with you? Well, nowadays, you actually can do just that pretty easily.

Many tables are created to withstand various types of weather. Usually, these tables are made from materials like concrete or aluminum, both of which hold up well in all kinds of conditions.

Some wood tables can be used outside, as well, but wood is generally more vulnerable to humidity.

If you’re interested in getting an outdoor table for your own yard, make sure you check the name and description. Most tables that can be used outdoors will indicate it in their names. If the name doesn’t make this clear, you can almost always find it in the description.

You can also check out our list dedicated to the best indoor/outdoor Ping Pong tables here.


One thing Killerspin is particularly good at is designing tables that look like works of art. They have an abundance of choices, and with that variety comes all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Since there are so many options available to you, you should feel free to consider everything you want from your table…and that includes how it looks.

Think about what your color preferences are, or if there’s a certain type of design you like the most. Unless you plan to fold it up and put it away in between uses, you’ll probably be seeing your Ping Pong table a lot, so you might as well like the way it looks.

Table Thickness

Are you just an occasional, casual player or are you looking to get deep into the game? If you’re a more serious player, then you’ll want to make sure your table can keep up with your demands.

One of the most important parts of tournament-quality tables is their surfaces. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: thicker tabletops provide better bounce.

On average, tables can range from 10-25mm in thickness. The higher you go in that range, the better the playability of your table will be.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the thicker your table is, the heavier it will be, too. You may also see an increase in the price.

It’s up to you to decide whether or not you need a thicker tabletop.


If you do anticipate having to move your table, either for storage or travel, then you’ll want to determine how mobile each prospective table is. Some are much easier to move than others.

Tables that are especially lightweight take the pain out of lifting and carrying. There are also plenty of tables that fold in half or have wheels, both of which simplify transport.

On the other hand, if all you’re going to do is put your table in one place and leave it there, then these are features you’re not likely to need.

Playback Mode

Those who are planning to play or practice Ping Pong often need a playback mode feature. Tables that have it can fold one half so it’s perpendicular to the other half of the table, making an L shape.

Once it’s set up like that, you can bounce your ball off the part sticking up, effectively playing against yourself. It’s a must-have for dedicated players.

Wrap Up

When we look at all the beautiful high-end tables on the list, our eye is repeatedly drawn back to one: the Revolution SVR Indoor Table Tennis Table. We think it would catch your eye, too.

This is one of the most extraordinary-looking tables we’ve ever seen…and we’ve seen a lot of Ping Pong tables.

However, we wouldn’t recommend it to you just because it looks good. We also love the pull-out shelves on either side of it. And we’re confident it could last for years and years, given its dependable steel base.