8 Best Mid Size Ping Pong Tables – Review Top Picks For Sale

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If a mid size ping pong table is what you need for your office or home, we've got you covered. We've chosen 12 of the best options on the Internet for function, style and convenience.

mid sized ping pong tables

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Best Mid-Size Ping Pong Tables

The eye-catching green of this playing surface is sure to attract the attention of anyone you have over to play a game of ping pong. When it’s time to go to a new location and you want to take the table with you, it is easy to separate it into two pieces, fold it up, and carry by the handles. Thanks to the high-quality surface, each hit has great bounce, allowing for expert play.


  • It includes a self-tensioning net to ensure that it stays taut during all games.

  • Assembly is easy without any tools, making setting up the table fast and simple.


  • There are some reports of the legs wobbling a bit during play, which can make it difficult to hit a great shot.

Butterfly Junior 34 Foldable Table

This ping pong table is a great option for anyone who is just learning how to play ping pong and wants a quality table that isn’t going to take up the whole room. Not only does this table provide excellent gameplay but it can also be used for card games, which makes it incredibly useful to have around. With an easy-clip net that is included, players can quickly set up the table and won’t have to worry about the net falling down in the middle, which can be frustrating.


  • It is large enough for both singles and doubles play.

  • Each half of the table is only 35 pounds, making moving it easy.


  • There are some reports of the table cracking easily during assembly.

  • Some users have reported that the table halves separate easily during play.

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Playcraft Top Spin Table Tennis Table

The adjustable leg levelers make it easier to ensure a flat and even playing surface on this table and the smooth MDF top has been designed to ensure that all balls hit correctly and that players enjoy a consistent bounce no matter where the ball lands. With extra welding on the legs to ensure that they are sturdy and stable and powder coating to prevent scratching, this table will last a long time.


  • Even though the table is very light and has foldable legs, it is incredibly sturdy.

  • The table is made very well and features legs that provide a lot of contact with the ground so that it won’t shift position during play.


  • There are reports of users having difficulty getting the table completely level.

Killerspin Revolution SVR Table Tennis Table

Even though this ping pong table isn’t foldable or portable, its durability and attractive design ensure that every owner is willing to find room in his or her home for it. The legs are not only incredibly attractive but also offer all of the necessary support to ensure that the table doesn’t rock or wobble when it is in use. The dark blue surface ensures that it really stands out no matter if the table is set up in a home or office.


  • Individual leg levelers were constructed specifically for the table to ensure a flat, level playing surface.

  • Gorgeous design adds beauty to the table and ensures that it is as attractive as it is functional.


  • Some users have reported that assembly can be difficult and time-consuming.

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Hathaway Games Bounce Playback Table

Not only does this table fold easily for storage but it can be folded so that one person can enjoy solo play in order to practice his or her shots. The safety protection strap ensures that when the table isn’t in a flat operating position, the pieces will not fall and hurt anyone. Thanks to the thick playing surface, players of all abilities will be able to enjoy fast action and great bounce on all of their shots.


  • Storage for paddles and ping pong balls is easy to access and ensures that the accessories don’t ever get lost in between games.

  • The incredibly large legs ensure that the table doesn’t buckle or shift position during play.


  • The bright color scheme may not be appealing to all people.

Hathaway Games Reflex Foldable Table Tennis Table

This attractive ping pong table has a deep blue finish that is not easily marred during normal gameplay, making it a great option for a busy home where everyone will want to play each day. Not only does the table ship with paddle and ping pong balls but also a post and net set that is removable and very easy to install when it is time to compete no matter if you are enjoying a friendly competition or something more serious.


  • It’s easy to unlock the leg assembly and set the table up.

  • The MDF tabletop is lightweight but durable.


  • There are some reports of the table being too low for adults to comfortably use.

  • Some users have reported that the smaller surface is difficult to play on.

ALEKO Playback Table

Not only does this ping pong table easily fold up for storage but it can be used for solo play, which is great for players who want to practice on their own. The resin apron is very high-quality and designed to last through a lot of games without showing signs of damage. The adjustable tension system on the net allows players to keep the net nice and taut.


  • The 2” smooth rolling casters on the feet make the table easy to move.

  • Foot locks allow users to keep the table steady and in place during storage or when in play.


  • Some users have reported that the ping pong table ships with damaged corners.

  • There are some reports of the table taking extra effort to assemble.

With a 15mm playing surface, this ping pong table is designed to be very durable and to provide great bounce regardless of the skill of the players using the table. Thanks to the folding legs, it’s easy to store the table out of the way when it is not in use. The compact size makes it a great option for players who don’t have a lot of space to set up their tables but still want to play in the comfort of their own homes.


  • It only weighs 48 pounds, which is great for players who want to be able to easily move the table.

  • The built-in adjustable levelers allow players to create a flat, level surface.


  • Some users have reported the table shipping and arriving broken.

What to Consider When Buying a Mid-Size Ping Pong Table


If you're looking for a mid-size table, you either don't have much room or you're planning on moving it. In the latter case, it's worth pausing to determine if your table tennis table has qualities that make it portable.

Wheels are one common mobility element. They'll be at the bottom of the table's legs, making it possible for you to slide it across the floor for a quick move. (When you don't want the table to move, many come with locks on the wheels, too.)

Some tables also come with handles to make them easy for you to carry. Of course, whether or not you need something like that is a matter of personal preference.


One of the most efficient ways of clearing away a Ping Pong table is by folding it up. Not all of them have this trait, though.

So if you're interested in a folding Ping Pong table, make sure you check the product description to ensure it actually does fold. This will make it quick and painless for you to tuck the table away when you need a little extra room.

Want to see our favorite folding tables? We've compiled a list of the best options here.


The material won't necessarily have an impact on the size of the table. A mid-size table can be made out of a wide array of materials, after all.

But when it comes to table tennis tables, material is never bad to think about. 

The most popular materials include things like wood and aluminum. Most tend to be made of wood, but wood is naturally susceptible to humid outdoor conditions.

In the event you're looking for a Ping Pong table to keep outside, you should probably look for aluminum tables like these ones.

Wrap Up

If you don’t have much room to spare in your home, a mid-size Ping Pong table could be exactly what you’re looking for. They’re smaller than the average table, so you don’t need as much space to have one.

Don’t let having less room make you think you can’t enjoy this game at home. With a mid-size Ping Pong table, you’ll have no problem finding a place to put a table of your own.

Our personal favorite mid-size table on this list is the Franklin Sports Mid-Size Table Tennis Table. Not only is it small, but it’s it’s a breeze to set up, so you’ll be playing in no time once you get it.

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