7 Best Ping Pong Dining Table Combos – Review Top Picks for Sale

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A ping pong dining table combo can be right for small spaces. Or maybe you just want a modern dining room table with flexibility. Whatever your needs are, there's an option out there for you.

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Best Ping Pong Dining Table Combos

Not only is this ping pong very attractive, but the net is easy to remove, making it simple to play your favorite game or eat a meal together at a moment’s notice. Plus, the playing surface is covered in an all-weather polished oak that can stand any unfortunate spills or weather conditions.

The light wood finish is attractive in all homes and won’t add too much visual weight to a space, which is great for homeowners who want a dining table that doesn’t stand out too much. Underneath, you'll find a powder-coated steel base that ensures the table is dependable no matter what you're using it for.


  • Can be used as a dining table, conference table, or for ping pong
  • The surface and withstand spills and extreme weather conditions.


  • There are some reports of it being really heavy.

RS Barcelona Stationary Table

Looking for something dark and luxurious? Then this table tennis table is the one for you. Its lustrous black finish would look elegant in any kitchen or gaming area.

Plus, it's suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. That means it's tough enough to withstand outdoor weather. It can easily handle an accidental spill here and there from your meals.


  • It comes with a net, paddles, and balls, so you can start playing as soon as you put it together.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • None reported yet.

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Hathaway Games Newport 7’ Rotating Game Table

Not only does this great-looking ping pong table double as a dining table, but it also works as a pool table, which is perfect for families who love to play games together. When it’s time for a meal, it is very easy to flip the ping pong table top over and set the table on the solid and attractive surface. No matter what hot drinks or cold beverages you put on the table, you won’t ever have to worry about the playing surface warping or otherwise becoming damaged.

This table also ships with benches that slide completely under the table when not in use, which is a great way to save space in any home. Since the benches are comfortable and have internal storage, they are a welcome addition to the dining room.


  • High-quality ping pong table top is thick enough to produce high bounce

  • Crisp and clean lines are contemporary and updated, making it perfect for most spaces


  • There are some reports of the laminate not being very high quality and easily peeling off the table

  • Some users have reported that the ping pong surface is quality but the felt for the pool table is not

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District Eight Indoor Table Tennis Table

The gorgeous wood of this dining ping pong table really sets it apart from others on the market. The deep brown wood finish doesn’t mask the wood grain, which allows the real beauty of this table to shine through. Thanks to the steel legs, the table won’t ever shift position during use.

It’s a very contemporary design that looks particularly at home in a modern house. Even homes with other types of décor can benefit from this table, as it will instantly update a space and make it feel more open, roomy, and contemporary.


  • The thin legs are very visually appealing but are durable enough to prevent the table from rocking or shifting
  • Thanks to the design of the legs, there is plenty of space for people to sit around the table for a meal


  • Some customers reported that this table is extremely heavy and difficult to move.

RS Barcelona You and Me Table Tennis Table

This ping pong table is a great option for any homeowner who wants to be able to play ping pong but isn’t able to dedicate the space necessary for a single-use table. Not only does it convert quickly to a ping pong table by attaching the net, but it features side drawers where you can store your game essentials.

Because it’s made from materials that are designed to last, this table can be used both inside and outside. This means that you have complete control over where you want to set up your table. The legs are designed to fully support the table without taking up too much space, which means that diners will have plenty of room to stretch out and be comfortable during meals.


  • The minimalist design allows this ping pong table to easily fit into any home without attracting too much attention

  • Ships with the necessary paddles, balls, and net, allowing users to start playing right away


  • There are some reports that even though the table is designed for outside use, it can be damaged if left in the sun for long periods of time without a protective cover

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Winston Indoor Conference Table Tennis Table

This is a gorgeous ping pong table that looks great in any dining room, thanks to the attractive finish and high-quality wood used in its construction. Not only is the wood grain clearly visible, but the darker walnut inlays add beauty to the table and ensure that playing doubles is as easy as possible.

Since there are six legs on this table instead of the traditional four, users can easily level the table using the leg levelers and won’t ever have to worry about an uneven surface. Additionally, these legs provide plenty of support to the table and prevent it from wobbling or moving during play or during meals.


  • The wood top on this ping pong table is protected with a thick 2mm layer of UV cured finish to ensure that it isn’t damaged during play
  • Since the maple top is 1.75” thick, it provides a consistent and high bounce on every hit


  • None reported yet.

Stiga Table Tennis Conference Table

One great thing about this table that sets it apart from other similar options is the recessed sides, as they are perfect for users to stash their phones or other belongings during meals. These recessed areas are also great for storing pens, paper, and markers, which allows a family with young children to always have something on hand to use during a long dinner.

The sturdy legs are designed to offer plenty of support, but are incredibly easy to assemble, which means that you can get this table up and functioning in very little time. Finally, you can choose between a black or white base, depending on the design and décor in the rest of your home.


  • Storage compartment in the middle of the table is the perfect place to store necessary accessories for games

  • Works well in modern and rustic homes due to the attractive design and framing on the table


  • Doesn’t ship with benches or chairs, which adds to the cost of the table when using for dining

  • There are some reports of the wood used for the tabletop looking a little flat and not having a lot of life

What to Consider When Buying a Ping Pong Dining Table Combo


The main thing about a table tennis table that doubles as a dining room table is its looks. You could arguably eat on just about any Ping Pong table, but that doesn't mean it's going to look like something that belongs in your dining room.

For that, you'll need a table with a little more of a tasteful flair to it. You'll probably want to search for something with a plain metal surface or one with wood so you can see the beautiful grains as you eat or spend time in your dining room.

The legs are also something important to focus on. If there are too many, you and your family might not be able to sit at the table comfortably. However, if they're thin or spread far apart, you'll be able to fit more chairs around the table.

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This sort of ties in with the aesthetic. Different materials have different appearances, which could play a huge part in your decision one way or another.

We think wooden tables are particularly good for dining rooms. However, the downside to them is that they're not as well-suited to outdoor climates. If you're searching for a table to put outside, then you may want to consider one made of metal or concrete.


Try as we might to prevent them, accidents happen. This is even more true if you have young children, who are prone to spills and dropping food.

That's why you'll need a table that can take these messes without breaking a sweat. The material in your table can kind of relate to this. Wooden tables with a smooth finish are easy to wipe off, as are metal tables.

Once again, though, legs are important here. You don't want a table with fragile or wobbly legs, otherwise those previously mentioned accidents are much more likely to happen.

Wrap Up

While we think any table on this list would look wonderful in your dining room, our favorite pick goes to the Hathaway Games Table. The fact that it comes with seating just can't be beat.

On top of that, Ping Pong isn't the only game you can use this table for. It's also a pool table, so you'll get even more entertainment value out of it. 

Of course, it's helpful that it's easy on the eyes, too. This is one table that your guests will be envious of.

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