Ping Pong Net Height: How Tall is the Regulation Size?

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In this short guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about the regulation height of a ping pong net.

regulation ping pong net height

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What's the Regulation Ping Pong Net Height?

Ping pong table nets are six inches tall. The problem with buying a net from a company that you don’t trust is that you may end up with a net that is the wrong size.

This doesn’t just change the way that your table looks, but can cause major problems with your game of ping pong.

Not only does the net need to be six inches high, but it also needs to remain the same height all along its length. Any changes in height will cause problems during the game.

The Negative Impact of a Wrong-Sized Net

Using a net that is the wrong size can make a game more difficult. Players will struggle to hit the ball easily and correctly over a net that is too high. When a net is too low, they will train themselves to hit lower balls. While this may not seem like a big deal at the time, this can make playing on a table with a regulation size net incredibly difficult and frustrating.

Different Size Nets

It is very difficult to find different sized nets, as most companies want to make sure that their nets are regulation size. Of course, companies known for producing high-quality ping pong gear and equipment will always provide the perfect net for your game.

There are some companies that have produced nets that are so high-quality that they are approved by the ITTF. Ping pong players who are interested in choosing the best nets on the market and don’t want to have to worry about accidentally getting a wrong sized net need to consider these options, including ones from Double Happiness, Joola, Stiga, and Andro.

By choosing a ping pong net that is the right size, you can make sure that you not only fully enjoy the game you are playing, but that you are prepared to play on other tables, as well. It’s important to select a 6” net that has been designed to be easily installed on your table correctly so that you can get the best play from your ping pong table.