4 Best Red Ping Pong Tables – Review Our Top Picks for Sale

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There aren't that many red ping pong table options on the market. Very few have actual red tops, but rather incorporate red into the legs or other parts of the table. That said, we were able to find a handful of options that fit the criteria of having that sought after red table-top.

red ping pong table options

Let's check them out...

Best Red Ping Pong Tables

As a mid-sized table, this is one of the smaller options out there, but it still has a gorgeous bright-red top. Furthermore, it comes with two paddles, a net, and four balls, so you can start playing quickly once you get it. 


  • Red top gives it a unique look compared to the typical blue
  • Easy to fold, store and move


  • There were some reports of parts missing in shipment. 

Joola USA Foldable Mini Table

The impressive thing about this ping pong table that really sets it apart from others on the market is that it is magnetic and modular. This means that not only can one table be used on its own, which is perfect for smaller spaces and for youth, but the tables can be connected together on the sides, creating a larger ping pong table that is better suited for adults to use.

The magnets are incredibly strong, which means that the tables won’t shift position when attached to each other, reducing problems with gameplay. When it’s time to break down the tables, they can easily be pulled apart and stored separately.

While this table doesn’t ship with a net, buying an adjustable net is a good idea, as it ensures that the net will always work perfectly, no matter the ping pong table configuration that you decide upon using.

Because these tables can be connected in any way, they are great for use not only at home and in businesses, but also for tailgating, in rec center, and in school game rooms.

Four tables connect together to create a regulation-sized table, but it’s easy to choose your own configuration, depending on your specific needs.  Additionally, the height leveler feet are much easier to use than levelers on other types of ping pong tables, which means that even youth can easily adjust the table during play to ensure a flat surface.


  • The 12mm top allows for plenty of bounce, which is great for new players who aren’t experienced

  • Magnets on the side aprons make it possible to connect more than one table together to expand the playing surface


  • There are some reports of the smaller size of this table making it difficult for adults to use

  • Some users have reported that the table tends to wobble a little

Killerspin Revolution SVR Table

This ping pong table is designed to be a showstopper, not only because it offers superior play, but also because of its incredible design. The sharp contrast between the red legs and the black top are sure to attract the attention of anyone who enters the room, making it a great option for a game room and for a business.

The quality of this Killerspin table is obvious from first glance, not only because of the shine on the legs and the durable playing surface, but also because of the smooth angle of legs, the crisp net, and the attractive wood surface. Even though it is durable and solid, it only weighs 410 pounds, which means that the table can be moved to a new location, if necessary, as long as you have help.

While assembly on this table can be a little difficult and time-consuming, once the table is put together and set up, it is very easy to level when necessary, thanks to the high-quality leg levelers.

Additionally, the included net is designed to stay taut at all times, preventing it from coming loose or flopping over onto the table, even when it is hit with a ball during a game. Thanks to the stability provided by the solid base on this table, it won’t ever rock during a game, no matter whether players lean on the table to make their shots or not, which is ideal in a competitive environment.


  • The contrast between the red legs and black top is stunning

  • High-quality leg levelers make it easy to keep the surface of the ping pong table flat and level for play


  • Some users have reported that the table can be a little difficult to level

  • There are some reports of the legs quickly becoming dusty and needing to be dusted regularly

Killerspin Revolution Folding SVR Table

This is as stunning as the non-folding red Killerspin ping pong table, but it has the obvious benefit of being significantly easier to move. Since the table has foldable legs that easily drop down when you need to move the table to a new location in your home or office and then fold up and out of the way when not in use, this is a great option for anyone who wants a table that is easily moved but has the appearance and durability of a permanent table. At almost 400 pounds, the table is surprisingly secure and stable even though it can be moved from one location to another without problems.

Made for indoor use only, this Killerspin table has a coating on the top surface that reduces glare, which makes it perfect for use in front of windows and under bright lights. Players won’t ever have to worry about whether or not they will be able to easily see the ball and the bounce, thanks to the durable glare-reducing coating. Additionally, the MDF top is designed to provide plenty of bounce and to be durable.

The Zephyr post and net system prevent the net from dropping during games, and since the feet can easily be adjusted to different heights, this table can be set up on an uneven surface without worrying about lower quality gameplay.


  • The adjustable solid steel base is made of two pieces and can easily be leveled on most any surface

  • The foldable legs do not lower the overall quality or appearance of the table


  • There are some reports of the bright red legs contrasting with the top of the table

  • Some users have reported that the table legs can be difficult to fold without another person helping

What to Consider When Buying a Red Ping Pong Table

Visual Appeal

Red is sort of a rare color when it comes to Ping Pong tabletops. This means your options will be a bit more limited, but you don't necessarily need to settle for something you don't like simply because it's red.

Don't hesitate to factor in the overall look of the table, from its legs to its net. There are tons of designs out there, and there's no reason why you shouldn't choose one you enjoy looking at the most.

If you're not so sure about the red, but want something more unique than blue, try looking at white tables.​​​​


There aren't as many options available when it comes to full-size Ping Pong tables in red. As you can see from our list, the ones you'll find most often will be a more modest mid-size.

Because of their rarity, you should think about if the size of the red table matters to you. You may have more choices out there if you're okay with a mid-size table. The benefit to tables that size are that they won't take up much space, they're easier to move, and they're a little easier for kids to play on.

However, if you'd like to see Ping Pong tables that are specifically for children, you can read our list of Ping Pong tables for kids.


If you think there's a possibility you'll need to move your table to different spots, then portability will be important to you. 

There are two main qualities that contribute to a table's portability: its size and whether or not it folds. A smaller table will simply be lighter, and therefore not as difficult to carry.

A table that folds, on the other hand, reduces its size by folding in half. Some will even have handles built into them, so it feels more natural to carry them.

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Wrap Up

Although this list may be a little short, we think we found some of the best red Ping Pong tables out there today. The tables on this list are all well-loved by customers, and all have either striking red tops or a large amount of red elsewhere in their design.

Picking just one of these tables would be hard. After some thought, though, we'd go with the KillerSpin Revolution SVR Table.

The contrast of the black and red looks darkly graceful. It may be heavy and take some time to assemble, but the end result is a sturdy table that you can depend on.