Where to Buy a Ping Pong Table (10 Fantastic Options)

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Trying to figure out where to buy a ping pong table?  Then you've come to the right place. Consider these 10 options...

where to buy a ping pong table

They are all great retailers that are sure to be able to provide you with exactly what you need for your new table.


Amazon is known as one of the best places in the world for one-stop shopping. They offer a wide variety of ping pong tables as well as all of the accessories that you need to start playing right away. The only downside with shopping with them is that their options may not be as high-quality as ones that you can find from dedicated stores that specialize in ping pong tables and the gear that you need to play this sport.


Ping pong fans who want to buy a high-quality table that will be a conversation piece will want to consider turning to Houzz. Their tables tend to be more expensive than ones that you can find from other companies, but they are well-designed and gorgeous. Some of them ship with accessories, but others don’t, which means that you may need to buy them from another company. They are not a great location to buy a table for kids, as theirs are more expensive.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s has online locations as well as physical stores, which is great for people who want to go and see and feel a ping pong table before they invest in it. Because Dick’s caters to such a large group of people, you can easily find ping pong tables of all different styles and prices there. They have an impressive selection of accessories for users to choose from, and the staff is generally fairly knowledgeable about the equipment that you need to play this game.

Academy Sports + Outdoors

With a great selection of in-store as well as online only options, Academy Sports + Outdoors offers everything that you need to play ping pong. Not only can you get a great table, but you will also find replacement nets, table covers, balls, and paddles. It’s easy to purchase everything you need as a kit or to opt instead to buy things one at a time, depending on your interest level and how much time you want to spend researching your options.

Total Table Tennis

Users who want access to the best selection around will want to look online with companies like Total Table Tennis. While you can’t go in a store to see and feel the table you’re considering buying, you will have access to a huge selection of tables. Additionally, these professionals know a lot about ping pong and can easily help you choose the best table to meet your needs.


If you already know what type of table you want to buy, then working directly with the manufacturer can save a lot of time and frustration. This is a great way to buy a high-quality table directly from the company, which allows you to ask plenty of questions if you have concerns about the table. Doing so ensures that you are prepared with all of the information that you need to make a good choice, although you may not be able to take advantage of sales that other retailers, like Amazon, sometimes offer.


Walmart is known for having a bit of everything for sale, and ping pong tables and their accessories are no exception. While you won’t be able to find a top ping pong table here very easily, you can easily buy ones that are perfect for use around the home. A lot of people turn to Walmart when they’re shopping for a table that will be perfect for use by children, as these are often lighter and less expensive than ones you can buy at other locations.


Megaspin is a dedicated site that is designed for anyone looking to buy a new, refurbished, designer, large, conversion top, outdoor table, or more. They offer any kind of ping pong table that you can imagine, which is why they are such a popular company to shop with. Additionally, they carry a wide range of accessories, including rackets, robots, shoes, cases, boosters, balls, nets, and more. With all of their products dedicated to ping pong, it’s easy to get exactly what you need when you shop with them.

Paddle Palace

Professionals know that quality matters, and that’s why so many turn to the experts for help when shopping. The team at Paddle Palace can help you choose the best ping pong table for your needs and then supply you with all of the accessories that you need to play. This company is geared more to helping professionals and more advanced ping pong players, so new players may feel a little overwhelmed, especially at some of the prices.

Table Tennis Store

You can easily shop online from the comfort of your own home when you buy from the Table Tennis Store. They offer all of the top ping pong table brands for sale and believe in helping every player find the perfect paddle for their game. If you want to stop in and see the experts face to face, then you can do that at their store in Pleasantville, NY.

As you can see, there are many choices that you have to choose from when shopping for a ping pong table. Any of these great options are sure to have what you need.