Where to Buy Ping Pong Balls (11 Fantastic Options)

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Trying to figure out where to buy ping pong balls? In this guide, we've listed out 11 options you should be checking out.

where to buy ping pong balls

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While you can’t visit this retailer in person, which can be a bit of a turn off for some people, they do have an impressive selection of high-quality balls that are designed to last and to provide you with great play. Not only can you buy your ping pong balls here, but they offer everything that you need for playing ping pong, including robots, paddles, shoes, bags, nets, tables, and more.

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Users wanting any type of customized or specialized balls will appreciate the selection that this company offers. They are geared to be novelty balls, but not necessarily the best balls on the market. However, if you are looking for glow in the dark balls, unique sizes, custom paddles, balls, or tables, then you definitely will want to check out what they have to offer.

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Amazon is a behemoth and they are known for offering everything that you could possibly want to buy, which is one reason why so many people turn to this company when they are in need of new ping pong balls. Being able to buy not only balls, but also tables, paddles, and nets on the same website is a huge perk for some people. Users do need to do their own research to ensure that what they buy is high quality.


Many ping pong fans turn to Walmart when they need ping pong balls because it is so easy to find one of these brick-and-mortar locations. This makes it easy to buy last-minute balls for a tournament or simply because you are out. They also offer a selection of tables, paddles, and replacement nets, but many of these will need to be ordered online and aren’t available in the store.

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Franklin Sports

This sporting goods company is known for having a wide variety of equipment and accessories for various sports, and ping pong is no exception. They don’t have a wide variety of balls to choose from, but they do sell accessories, as well as a few tables. It’s important to check the quality of balls, before making your purchase, to ensure that they are high quality.

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Etsy may seem like a strange place to buy ping pong balls, but if you want ones that are 100% customizable, then you will want to check out this site. The quality of ball will vary widely depending on the seller and what type of ball they used for creation of the custom balls, but these are great for tournaments or for promotional items. They also offer custom paddles, paddle holders, and even custom tables.

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Table Tennis Store

Known for offering high-quality ping pong gear and accessories, this company sells a wide selection of ping pong balls from leading brands. They not only sell training and novelty balls, but also all plastic competition balls. Ping pong fans who need help choosing the right ball will appreciate their great customer service and willingness to help with making a decision.

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Paddle Palace

Since 1973, Paddle Palace has been in the business of providing ping pong players with everything that they need to play. They sell tables, robots, clothing, paddles, balls, nets, and more. Additionally, they run specials and are happy to work with customers to help them find the right equipment and accessories for their use. Thanks to their super deals and PRO specials, ping pong players of all abilities will be able to get the gear that they need to succeed.

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Ping Pong Depot

Buyers in the US and Canada have access to some of the best ping pong supplies and equipment when shopping with this company. Not only do they sell tables, robots, blades, clothing, shoes, balls, and paddles, but they also offer weekly specials and discount codes. With huge savings on all items and an impressive collection of balls, this company can easily meet the needs of any ping pong player.

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American Table Tennis

This company works hard to provide players with the highest-quality ping pong gear and accessories on the market. This means that some ping pong players may balk at the higher price tags on some of the gear, but everything is held to an exceptionally high standard, making this a top company for any determined ping pong player to shop with.

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There are lots of three-star balls to choose from with this company, making them a great choice for any ping pong player looking for high-quality balls. Additionally, they sell apparel, ball or racket cases, pips, and custom paddles.  While they don’t sell tables, anyone looking for great ping pong accessories will be thrilled with their selection.

As you can see, you have a few great options to consider when shopping for ping pong balls. It’s a good idea to think about buying your new balls from a retailer who can also provide you with other ping pong accessories so you can be sure that you’re prepared for a fast paced and competitive game of ping pong.

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