5 Best White Ping Pong Tables – Review Top Picks for Sale

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A white ping pong table is perfect for the player who likes a dash of modern style. Here's the advantage: White goes with all your decor. We've got five options to show you in different styles to match the vibe of any room.


Take a look at our picks below...

Best White Ping Pong Tables

RS Barcelona You and Me 180 Table

While this gorgeous white ping pong table isn’t foldable, that’s not a problem, as most people will want to have it out on display all of the time due to its attractive appearance. The smooth white top is accented by the fine legs, which are thin and dramatic, but still offer all of the support that you expect and desire from a high-quality ping pong table, which means that this is a visually striking piece that is sure to stop people in their tracks when they see it.

Thanks to the side drawer that is built into the table, it’s easy to store paddles, extra balls, and even small office supplies within easy reach. This means that a fast game of ping pong or an emergency meeting are never too far away, as you can easily clear the table and get working. Because the net attaches so easily and securely to the top of the table, users never have to worry about it falling or becoming less taut.


  • Multi-use table is great in any home or office location as it can work as a ping pong table, dining table, or it can be used for meetings

  • Can be used in both indoor and outdoor locations without worrying about the table being damaged


  • Some users have reported that the top of the table is very thin and doesn’t allow for proper bounce during games

  • There are some reports of the table being too shallow which means that balls stored in the table will fall out once the drawer is opened

EYHOVTable Tennis Conference Table

Unlike some other similar ping pong tables, this white ping pong table comes with a top that is made out of one section, which means that users never have to worry about the table separating during a game or during a meal or meeting. Even though that means that this ping pong table isn’t extendable, it is large enough for fast-paced and furious games of ping pong.

The modern appearance of this table will quickly update most any space where it is used, making it great in a modern home or office. Even though the table looks difficult to assemble, the instructions are clear and it’s fairly easy to put this table together without worrying about the table legs rocking or coming loose. The high pressure laminate surface is specifically designed to withstand a lot of wear and tear without showing any signs of damage, keeping the table looking great for years without a lot of expensive and time-consuming upkeep or maintenance.


  • Easily sits eight people, making it a great choice for homeowners or business owners who are interested in a table that provides a dual purpose

  • Split curved base design of this table offers a lot of durability and will prevent the table from shifting or slipping when there is a game being played


  • There are some users who have expressed dissatisfaction with the higher price of this ping pong table

  • The modern look and design of this table may not make it the best option for some décor choices

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Modloft Amsterdam Outdoor Table Tennis Table White

It’s not only the durability of this white ping pong table that really sets it apart from others on the market, but also the design. The attractive legs serve aesthetic purposes, but also ensure that the table top is sturdy and remains flat at all times. It is very easy to attach the included ping pong net to the table for a fast game during the day, and when it is removed the table is great for meetings or meals.

The net is made from precision-perforated steel, and is designed to remain taut even when hit repeatedly with a ping pong ball. Thanks to the design of the table, the net, and the handcrafted bamboo paddles, it’s easy to see how the attention to detail on this ping pong table really sets it apart from others that are on the market and make it a piece that will last for years.


  • The design of the legs on this ping pong table is very unique and results in a sturdy and stable ping pong table

  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors without worrying about the table being damaged


  • There are some reports of the top and table base not shipping together, which means that buyers are stuck without all of the piece necessary to build the ping pong table

  • Some users have reported that the blend of concrete and other materials make this table durable, but difficult to move to a new location in a home or office

Killerspin Revolution Bianco Table Tennis Table

The black edges around the top of this table draw the eye and make the design of the table feel very crisp and professional, and these straight lines contrast beautifully with the curve of the support and the legs. Unlike other large ping pong tables that are difficult to level, this table has adjustable legs that make it really easy to ensure a fair game every single time you play, as you can rest easy knowing that the table surface will always be flat and even.

The base is made from a combination of aluminum and steel, and is incredibly strong. While you won’t want to move it once it is in position due to the weight, any movement won’t damage the legs as they are designed to offer sturdy and stable support to the top of the table for years to come. The 1” MDF top of this ping pong table allows players great control over their shots, making the game more enjoyable.


  • The thick 22 mm MDF top on this ping pong table has been specifically chosen to ensure great bounce on every hit and that the table’s surface won’t easily become damaged during play

  • The contrast of the gloss lines on the flat white surface of the table really elevate this ping pong table beyond what you have come to expect and ensure that it stands out


  • There are some reports of the ping pong table appearing very visually heavy in a room

  • Some users have reported difficulty with assembling the table

Killerspin MyT10 Pocket Playback Table Tennis Table

Ping pong aficionados don’t need to worry about whether or not they will have a partner to play with when they use this great white ping pong table. Because the table will easily fold in half and one end can be raised for solo play, this is a great option for any player who wants to be able to practice on their own. This is great for beginners and for more advanced players who want to improve their shots.

Setting up this ping pong table is surprisingly easy, as it quickly unfolds from storage and the legs provide all of the support that you need for an even playing surface. The wheels on the table are durable enough to support the heavy weight when putting the table in storage or moving it out for games, and with a 1” top, this ping pong table offers exceptional play every time you use it.


  • The matte coating on this ping pong table really pops due to the glossy perimeter lines that are painted in black

  • There are storage pockets on each end of the ping pong table so that competitors can keep their paddles, as well as their balls, close during games


  • Some users have reported that the surface of this table stains very easily and that it is difficult to remove stains

  • There are other reports of the top of the table bubbling if water is allowed to sit on the surface or the table is set up in a humid environment

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What to Consider When Buying a White Ping Pong Table


Ping Pong tables come in a range of sizes. Although only certain sizes are allowed in official tournaments, there's nothing stopping you from getting one that fits with your available space.

We always suggest figuring out where you'd like to put the table. Once you have a spot in mind, get out that tape measure and determine exactly how much room you have to work with.

That way, you'll be able to look at the description for each prospective table and pick one that will really fit in where you need it to.

Looking for tables that are especially small? You can see some of the best mid-size tables we've come across here.

Indoor or Outdoor

Even if they look a lot alike, Ping Pong tables can be completely different from each other in their ideal uses. 

Some are specifically designed to be used outdoors. These are usually metal tables, which can withstand wet weather conditions.

Other tables are made to be used only within your home. Wood is an example of material an indoor table would be made from. It doesn't always hold up well in humidity, so these tables tend to be best kept inside.

Whether you want your table to go indoors or outdoors is just something worth considering before you choose one for sure. You can typically find this information in the description or name of the table in question.

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Just because a group of tables are white, doesn't mean they all look the same. Even looking at just the handful of tables we have on our list, you can see that they're drastically different from each other.

You'll see visual differences most often in the shape of the legs and the net. Some will have graceful, rounded legs, and others will have traditional square legs that resemble pillars.

Like any other piece of furniture, appearance is important. Don't feel as if you're being superficial by picking one that you think will look great in your home.

Wrap Up

If you're looking for a Ping Pong table that will blend in to your decor or will look good just about anywhere, a white table is a good choice. The color is neutral, so it won't stick out like a sore thumb.

But there are design elements to look for besides the color. The shape of a table's legs can have a huge impact on how it looks.

That's the reason why we're picking Scale 1:1 EYHOV Table Tennis Table​​​​. We think it's a beautiful table that would enhance the atmosphere anywhere.

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