8 Best Wooden Ping Pong Tables – Review the Top Options for Sale

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Shopping for a wooden ping pong table to match your home decor? It makes an elegant statement, whether it's constructed from rustic reclaimed wood or polished hard wood. 

Update 5/15/2020 - Here are our LATEST top picks:

ImageProductWhere to Buy
Barrington Billiards Company Fremont TableBarrington Billiards Company Fremont Table

  • Interesting design outline
  • Can also be used for dining or meetings
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    Stiga Indoor Conference Table Tennis Table with Paddles and BallsStiga Indoor Table Tennis & Conference Table

  • Elegant
  • Can also be used for dining or meetings
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    JOOLA Berkshire Outdoor Table Tennis Table - Multi Use Conference Table Dining Table - Concrete Oak Wood Look Includes Steel Outdoor Ping Pong Net Set & Frame - Hybrid Indoor Outdoor Ping Pong TableJOOLA Berkshire Outdoor Table Tennis Table

  • Extremely durable table
  • One of the most trusted and reputable brands
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    Nuevo District Eight TableNuevo District Eight Table

  • Surface is perfectly smooth and designed to provide a level playing surface
  • Modern, updated appearance
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    maple and walnut wood table tennis tableVenture Winston Maple and Walnut Ping Pong Table

  • Extremely high quality
  • Comes with nets, paddles and balls
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  • Extremely high-quality - top is laminate
  • Great for indoor and outdoor play
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    wood finish ping pong table

    Anyone looking for an attractive ping pong table that will look great in any space and can double as a dining or conference table will love the design of this table. Not only is it incredibly attractive, but the blackened steel support frame combined with the high-quality legs ensures that it will remain sturdy. It’s a very contemporary design that looks updated and in place in modern spaces. ​

    It's made from extremely solid wood from maple and walnut trees. For extra durability it's finished with 3 mil UV.


    • Comes with paddle nets and balls
    • Extremely high quality.


    • It's not foldable.
    • There may be a long lead time to get this table.

    JOOLA Tetra Foldable Table Tennis Table

    This wood ping pong table is unique in that it will be set up over your existing pool table, allowing you to enjoy having two game tables without having to sacrifice all of the necessary space. The six-hinge system ensures that the pieces of the table top connect correctly and securely to each other, and the net and post have been designed to work specifically on this ping pong table without scratching the surface or allowing the net to go loose and limp, even when it is hit repeatedly with balls during games.


    • Each piece of the top has a padding foam underneath it to prevent the top from scratching the pool table

    • The top comes in four pieces that hinge easily, ensuring that users will be able to quickly set it up and take it down when it’s not in use


    • There have been some reports of the top of this table not staying perfectly in place during heated games

    • Some users have reported that the top of the table, at only 12 mm thick, doesn’t provide the best bounce

    Barrington Billiards Company Fremont Table

    Not only does this attractive ping pong table assemble in just a few minutes, but it has a very interesting design outline due to the crosses on the legs, which make it stand out from others that are available on the market. With a solid and sturdy top, players will be able to enjoy great bounce on their balls when playing with this ping pong table. The net is removable, which means that the table can also be used for dining or meetings, making it great in any home or office where people will need to sit together.


    • The sturdy legs are designed so that they bolt into the table top without requiring any drilling, making assembly fast and easy

    • The attractive hardwood finish is great for updating the space in a home


    • Some users have reported shipping difficulties with this table, resulting in delays and damage to the table itself

    • There are some reports of the table appearing very visually heavy and taking up a lot of space in the room where it is set up

    American Heritage Foldable Table Tennis Table

    Since this large wooden ping pong table top is designed with foam on the bottom to prevent it from scratching the table that you use it on, it’s a great option for most any pool table or air hockey table in the home. Even though the pieces are lighter than a traditional ping pong table, they are still heavy enough to require assistance when moving them, which means that they won’t slide or slip during games and prevents children from moving them, as this could injure younger ping pong players.


    • Wood surface features anti-sag supports to ensure that there is always a flat and even playing surface for all games of ping pong

    • Fits easily on pool tables or air hockey tables to allow for games of ping pong without worrying about sacrificing quality


    • There are some reports of the glued edges of this ping pong table easily delaminating

    • Some users have reported that the corners on the table are easily damaged, which will lower the beauty and value of the table overall

    Nuevo District Eight Table

    Made from reclaimed lumber, the top on this ping pong table is as beautiful as it is useful and durable. Users never have to worry about their ball hitting a scratch or a dip in the wood and flying off in an unintended direction, as the surface is perfectly smooth and designed to provide a level playing surface. The deep and rich tones of the wood add to the beauty of the table and really set it apart from others that are on the market thanks to the attractive wood grain. The leather net is another interesting feature on this table that shows commitment to quality and makes the ping pong table look distinguished.


    • The modern appearance of this ping pong table is updated and fresh and will open up any space in a home or office

    • The straight lines of the table are accentuated by the leg design and ensure an interesting outline


    • Some users have reported that it can be difficult to level the table since there aren’t any leg levelers

    • There are some reports of the table scratching the floor due to its weight during moving if not moved correctly

    Atomic 7' Hampton 3-in-1 Combination Table Includes Billiards, Table Tennis, and Dining Table with Dual Storage Bench Seating, Grey

    Not only does this ping pong table ship with two upholstered benches to ensure that families have a place to sit when they are going to be eating together, but these benches double as storage. This is the perfect way to keep all accessories needed for pool or ping pong close at hand. The dining table top flips quickly and easily to expose the ping pong table surface, allowing users to play an impromptu game when desired, and since the surface is even and level, there aren’t any concerns of the balls bouncing in unintended directions.


    • Three-in-one wooden ping pong table is great for billiards and dining, as well as playing a rousing game of ping pong

    • The modern design is updated and perfect in most homes as it will update the space easily


    • There are some reports of the benches shipping with damage on them in the form of scratches and dents in the wood

    • Some users have reported that the screw holes don’t always line up correctly, making assembly difficult

    Stiga Table Tennis Conference Table

    This ping pong table easily doubles as a conference table in a busy company. It is designed to offer some of the best play possible thanks to the flat and level surface, as well as the high-quality net. The net attaches easily and quickly to the table and stretches so that the net is always taut and ready for a game. Additionally, due to the size and shape of the legs, many people can easily pull chairs up to the table, ensuring that everyone has a place to sit for meals or for meetings. This, in addition to the great ping pong surface, make it a welcome addition in most any office.


    • Recessed table edge is a perfect place to store phones, pencils, or notepads for taking notes during a business meeting

    • There is a storage compartment in the middle of the table that is the perfect place for storing ping pong accessories when they are not in use


    • Some users have expressed dissatisfaction with the spartan design of the table

    • There are some reports of the legs wobbling a little during extreme games

    RS Barcelona You and Me Table Tennis Table

    This ping pong table is a standard size table that has been designed to provide lots of fun and play without being damaged or showing signs of wear and tear. The attractive white top of the table contrasts beautifully with the natural wood legs and gives the table a modern or Scandinavian look that is great in small business offices, as well as in open and airy homes. Even though the legs look thin and airy, they are designed to offer plenty of support to the table and are durable and reliable.


    • The metal frame of this table is well engineered and very durable, which means that the table will last for a long time without damage

    • Included side drawer provides a great and hidden place to stash all ping pong accessories when they aren’t in use


    • There are some reports of the top only being 3/8” thick, which means that it doesn’t provide the best bounce on all hits

    • Some users have reported that the surface of the table doesn’t offer any spring to the balls, which is a sign of a lower quality synthetic laminate being used in construction

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